Friday, September 17, 2021

Having your holes trained

As you already know I am not and I have never been a fan of anal play and I never enjoyed being plugged, fucked etc. But as you also know it is very important for my Master that he also trains me in this part and he made it very clear from the beginning that he would be slowly but firmly training my ass.

He was quite successful! Over time I got better and better in taking in his Masterdick and the anal hook.  I even started do enjoy being plugged and doing chores for my Master, like cooking or serving as chair etc. I do not enjoy being plugged, but I am enjoying being plugged FOR him. That is a difference for me. I would never plug myself without serving him. Over time Master got more and more creative and trained my ass even more. The plugs got bigger and I have to wear them longer and more frequently. Now he really enjoys having me on all my fours and fingering me which is really humiliating for me. Having absolutly no control when and how and how long he is entering my ass. Master seems quite pleased with my progress. He even sometimes unlocks my slavedick and enjoys seeing it getting hard while he fingers me and stimulates me without any release. 

But as you all know this is not the only hole that can be trained. If a dick or a dildo does not fit in one hole just try the other one of your slave. Of course I am trained to stimulate and deep throat my Master. But my Master als enjoys making me worship and deep throating dildos of different size and shape. I have to lick them, I have to suck them and I have to take them in as deep as possible. He enjoys watching me and letting me feel that a simple toy gets more attention than my own slavedick. It is very rare that my Master offers one of my holes to another Dom. But I think Master wants to prepare me to take in other Masterdicks if he ever decides that another Master can use me also in this way.

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fs001 said...

Such a great Domination/submission dynamics betwwen Y/you 2!!!
Lucky Y/you !!!