Thursday, September 2, 2021

Appearing as vanilla but still having my Master in charge

There are moments where we have to appear as vanillas and can't live our BDSM lifestyle the way we normally do. This might be because of work, sickness etc. But mostly it is because we are with family or friends or we are travelling and at an environment where it is not so easy to live as Master and slave.

What I really love about my Master is that he can perfectly adapt to this situations and appear as perfect vanilla husband for quite some time. He is then totally fine that I eat from the table, wear clothes etc. And he is not grumpy about that because he knows the situation demands it and that it will change as soon as we have the possibility to do so.

But what I also love about my Master is that he is still always in charge and leaves no doubt about it! Of course we try to integrate as much BDSM-lifestyle as possible in these vanilla situations. He still sets clear rules when I am allowed at the table and sometimes likes to sets limits like the amount of coffee or alcohol I am allowed to drink. I as slave serve him of course secretly as good as possible. I fetch his drinks and other stuff. I am packing the suitcases, carrying the suitcases, making sure he has everything he needs and does not have to worry about if his sunglasses are with him or not. And of course when we are alone and it is possible I strip naked immediatly, put on my cuffs and slavechain and present my slavebody to my Master. 

But of course all these vanilla situations come to an end and when we are back home alone not only all rules are set in place again but for some time Master is even stricter than before to make up for the time  I as his slave could not serve him the way I normally do.

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Everyone is different with different circumstances. The thing is you are doing what works for you. I actually like having my BDSM lifestyle on the low. It makes me like a a mild mannered reporter hiding his true identity and super powers. lol


By the way I love your blog. I am definitely going to check out more posts. It seems very difficult to find kink / bdsm blogs. And when i do they have been abandoned for years. Keep us alive and running !


I SOME how have a difficult time posting a comment on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered having the slave wear a discreet cockring concealed beneath his clothing as a constant reminder when in vanilla situations of Your Authority over you? Or when on vacation, forbid him from wearing underwear, again as a discreet reminder?