Thursday, September 23, 2021

Slave contract

I read here and there about slave contracts and I realised I never wrote about that topic. Therefore I decided to dedicate this article about slave contracts. There are some websites were you can find templates with these contracts. So what are the pros and cons about slave contracts?

I personally think a slave contract can help BDSM couples to make a clear commitment and set up rules. If you approach it seriously you have to make a lot of thoughts about the "relationship" which you are going into. You should seriously not create it while being horny. You need to think with your brain about all consequences which come along with the rules you are setting up and what it means in real life for you and your slave! It is also a commitment from the Master. I personaly did not made a slave contract for my slave. Because this kind of "contract" is not legally binding and for me authenticity has a VERY high priority. Because BDSM is for me "real" and not a "role play". 

Me and my slave talked and wrote a lot at the beginning: What I/we think about BDSM, what I expect from a slave, what my slave understands about the BDSM-lifestyle/serving, etc. 
You could say we have made a verbal and mentally binding "contract". He committed to all conditions I made and I understood his views and fears which I take seriously! It was clear for him that I will guide him deeper into his submission and that he will lose more and more rights and hand them over to me.

A slave contract is therefore more a "commitment paper" in my point of view. Keep in mind: You will evolve and adapt things over time - because of life situation, experiences or going deeper into submission etc. - therefore rules and other things will change and if you take it seriously you have to adapt your contract and therefore "sign" it again.

What I have instead is a "rule book" where I wrote down all rules and behaviors my slave has to follow. On a regular base I update the "rule & behavior book". It is a great tool and I decided to do a "book" because I make the rules for my slave and he has to follow them. I do not need his "approval" for it. When he accepted to become my slave he knew/accepted that I make the rules and therefore had to hand over his freedom to me. The book helped him to have clear guidance, showed him what I expected from him and on what he can rely. On the other hand I would never create rules which would harm him physically or mentally.

Today I still update the "rule & behavior book" but I stopped to hand it over to my slave. Because his rules and behavior went into flesh and bone and he knows them exactly.

So here is my personal conclusio: It is a great tool to make deep thoughts about the relationship and to make commitments - if you take it seriously. But these kind of contracts are - and hopefully never will be - legally binding and therefore they lose a kind of authenticity for me personally. Therefore it is my style to use a "rule & behavior book".

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