Saturday, September 11, 2021

Milking and "slave orgasm"

As you all know since this year I keep my slave "absoluetly" chaste. Therefore he does not receive an orgasm. I see and feel that his sexual energy is usefully rerouted and focused on his slave being and his service towards me. His sexual pleasure is to serve his superior. It is important for me to keep my beloved slave healthy therefore I stimulate his prostate here and there. I "milk" my slave on a regularly base but not to often. The goal is that my slave's prostate gets stimulated and emptied without having any kind of "joy".  There are two ways to achieve that.

The first way is to drain the prostate with a prostate massage. Unfortunately I achieved no prostate milking on my slave to this day . To achieve that you have to stimulate the prostate over the anus until the slave leaks/drains out. With prostate milking the slave prostate gets drained without ever receiving any kind of stimulation on the slavecock. It is not that easy and needs training to be achieved.

Another way of milking a slave is with a ruined orgasm or as I am calling it: "slave orgasm". This is not a real orgasm and if done correctly the slave will still keep his arousel and has no climax. Therefore he gets no sexual release. When doing it correctly the slavedick gets stimulated to the point of no return but before he has his climax you have to stop. I mostly inflict pain - by hitting his slaveballs - before he will shoot and get the ruined orgasm. This makes sure that he can not have a full orgasm. When you do it correctly you do not need to inflict pain but in case you stimulated one, two seconds to long - the pain surpresses the small enjoyment he would get.
The slave orgasm therfore stimulates the prostate and the slave will shoot the load but there will be no kind of enjoyment - when done correctly.

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socialslave said...

Dear Sir:
This slave finds your instructions very interesting. Lately slave has been trained to orgasm from pain – or “Energy” as it has been re-framed in slavemind. It has been taught that pain is a signal that harm is being done. As opposed to what Master enjoys penetrating His slave with. So certain feelings have been renamed as Energy. Such as squeezing the slaveballs or punching them till they swell. Or hot wax on slave nipples, clamps, pumping to enlarge, etc. Thus slave has been trained to beg for this treatment and to be penetrated in different areas of slavebody so that Master can fuck slave in more places.

Master enjoys training slavemind to clear away the false-programming that society has inflicted on slave. Ideas like: to be a man he must want to be in charge, he must enjoy penetrating, he must hate being a slave. Hurtful teachings that has done real harm to slavemind and prevented slave from being its true self.

This slave is very interested in the idea that Master could train slavebody to simply ooze out the worthless slave “ejaculate”, forcing slave to watch and see that slave can no longer do a “manly” squirt, but rather fully realize this is a housekeeping activity, nothing more. Slave guesses that Master would find this hilarious to watch and provide even more Master enjoyment.