Thursday, November 25, 2021

Showing my slave status in small ways

My status as slave to my Master is kind of obvious. At least when my Master and me are alone. I am naked, wearing cuffs and collar. Even when we are not alone I am still wearing my slave tattoo, I am most of the time locked and all the time chaste. But regardless of that my slave status is quite clear to me and my Master we both also enjoy those small details in everyday life where I can show and proove my inferiority and submissivness to him. 

For example: Whenever I prepare coffee for my Master and me, my Master gets the good and expensive stuff and I usually make myself cheaper instant coffee. Master enjoys it when I drink this "slave-coffee" as he calls it whereas he enjoys his Master-coffee. It does not mean I am never allowed the good stuff, but I usually have to ask permission for it and it feels right that my Master drinks the more expensive coffee.

The same goes for when we are eating out. Even in a restaurant I try to make sure that the glass of my Master is always full, that he starts to eat before me etc. That does not mean I don't have any free will and any free choice at all anymore. For example, if not told otherwise I can choose my own food and drinks at a restaurant, but there are some details that show the hierarchy between us.

As you know I always have to carry the bag for my Master and me when we are on trips. But not only that I also have to plan on all the things He/we might need so that my Master does not have to worry about missing something at home. It took me some times to notice all the things Master needs while we are on a trip, but now I am pretty good and always try to pack all the things that my Master expects without having to tell me.

Of course most of the points that show that I am the slave of my Master happen at home, but I think it is great to show and feel the inferiority and submissivness to my Master in many more ways.

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