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Approaching a natural and experienced Master

I am a natural and experienced Master. I know who I am and what I want. I am sure that this makes a first approach for some slaves harder. Furthermore it is the nature of a natural slave that he does not want to bother a Master or waste his time and I like that attitude very, very much. On the other hand a slave should - in my opinion - be able to attract attention on a "subtle" level. I think it would be wrong to believe that you have to wait in silent until the Master finally contacts you. But where to draw the line?

In my opinion a slave can and should be able to make a first step towards a Master. The more important question is how he approaches a Master. When a slave takes the courage to contact me and adresses me with the respect I deserve he receive normaly a response. They key word is here "respect" - what I mean with "respect"? In a formal way I would say if a slaves approaches and accepts me as a superior it would be appropriate to be called "Sir". This indicates that the person on the other end of the line submits on a basic level and accepts the hierachy between a Master and a slave. More about the topic of "basic submitting" can be found here: link

But being called "Sir" is only the tip of the iceberg and is not important compared to the "unformal" respect. I want to feel from a slave that he made some thoughs before contacting me. That he reach out with more then a simple "Hi, Sir". I want to see a "small" effort. Furthermore I want to be respected as a human being with all my facettes and not exclusively on my "sexual" facette. Yes of course my content on twitter is almost exclusively about BDSM and if a slaves approaches it will have of course a BDSM aspect. What I try to express is: Do not start a conversation like "Hi Sir, Are you horny?", "Do you want to fuck me?", "My hole needs to be filled". These conversations are in my opinion as a natural Master - which sees BDSM more than sex - unappropriate und show not the respect I expect to receive as a natural Master.
Yes, of course there is a sexual level in BDSM where it is about fucking, sucking a Mastercock or jerking off but there is a also a "non-sexual" BDSM side. Which is more focused on the BDSM lifestyle, and everyday life. Where sexuality plays a minor role! It is about the mindset, the hierachy itself, the respect towards both parties - Master and slave. I have some great conversations on twitter were slaves told me what they had done the weekend, how are are doing, that they had a good vacation. These conversations are without sexual intensions but these slaves always show the respect towards me as a Master. Calling me Sir, asking politely if I would answer them a question etc.

Do not get me wrong, that does not mean I do not have converstions about the sexual part of BDSM but it is not the leading part of a conversation.

So how to approach a natural Master? You have to "asses" the Master which you want to approach. Is he more of a lifestyle/natural Master or is the focus more on a session base or sexual level? Does it match to what you are looking?
Be yourself, show interest in the Master, be polite and show your submissivness with your language and with small gestures. Make thoughts why you are approaching a Master. What is your intention?
If you like the content or agree with his statements let him know that. If you want to tell him that you think he is great Master then do it but be prepaired to explain yourself why you think that.

Keep in mind: On the other end of the line sits an human being. Yes hierarchical it can be a Master or a slave but with more then only a sexual facet.

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