Thursday, December 30, 2021

How permanent chastity improved my life this year and other reflections on 2021

At the end of one year it is time to reflect on the last 12 months. They have been difficult for many of us for sure but I hope they also brought you some happy and good moments. 

For me the biggest development of the last 12 months was definilty that I accepted and started to embrace permanent chastity. Master was always in control of my orgasms and made them rarer and rarer and more umpleasent for me from month to month. Finally I reached the point where I accepted that a full orgasm was not for me as slave and Master started to keep me in permanent chastity. For health reasons and health reasons only he is milking me every other month without any pleasure. This whole process has improved my life significantly. Now it is possible for me to focus 100 % on the pleasure of my Master and accept his Mastercock as the only cock that is allowed to have pleasure in our house. My whole sexual drive and energy is dedicated to his orgasms 100% without a single thought on my orgasms. Furthermore my body started to change. My nippels, my tongue and my (plugged) ass turned into my primary sexual organs through whitch I feel pleasure. I don't feel pleasure any longer through orgasms but only through serving my Master. He has made me his dependent horny bitch that craves his Mastercock and his touchings etc. If Master would invite you to our place and order me to lick your boots you would probably see and feel me kissing and licking your boots with the deepest passion possible. That is because this is the way I experience now sexual pleasure. I don't care about my slavedick any longer.

2021 was also a challenging year to meet other people. Some time of the year we were still in lockdowns, often traveling was not possible, clubs where closed etc. So other than in previous years we could not attend BDSM parties or evenings in different locations which we both miss. The travel restrictions also made it harder to meet other Masters and slaves we usually meet once or twice a year. Furthermore we also stayed precautious for most of the year and avoided meeting a lot of people. We only met a few new people which we very much enjoyed. I hope it will be easier soon to meet people we already know and to make new acquaintances of people that are also into BDSM. I miss that. But on the other hand Master and I could spend more time than ever together as two, which is great for me as his slave.

What did not change in 2021 was that my Master is still incredible great. I love it that he is the supporting husband that helps me throught the challenges in life but also and first of all is my Master that still enjoys to dominate and train his slave. 

We are looking forward to 2022 and meeting you in the digital room or in real life!

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Gerry said...

Does your Master keep you locked in a chastity device or do you just remain chaste without a device?