Thursday, January 6, 2022

Reflection on 2021 by Master D.

One year has passed and my slave went deeper into submission and I believe he is finding his true self by serving. I see how happy he is and how well he grows into his being as slave which I believe he was born for.

One of the major changes this year was my decision to take away the right for my slave to receive orgasms and therefore to deny orgasms. After years of training he came to the point were his orgasms do not have any meaning anymore and because of that I told him that he will no longer receive them. You can read more about it in these articles from 2021:  

Because of that earning bonus point had less meaning. So I changed the system and re-programmed the slave terminal. My slave has now to use his bonus points for "slave luxuries" like coffees or to earn the right to use his mobile phone (screentime). You can read more in these article from 2021:

Unfortunatly we had not the chance to visit BDSM-Events or get physically more in touch with likeminded this year. Luckily we somehow met some old BDSM-friends and I had therefore the chance to show off my slave. You can read more in this article 2021:

So we are now in 2022 when this article will be published. I hope that we will meet more like-minded and that we attend again to BDSM-Events. Furthermore I am sure that the slavetraining will deepen my slave into submission and of course that I grow as a Master.

Thanks for following us on our blog and reading our BDSM-journey. So stay tuned in 2022.
Master D.

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fs001 said...

Thanks for sharing Your thoughts with Your followers/readers, Sir.
i always learn a lot from reading You, Sir.
i wish You a wonderful year 2022 with many BDSM real life meetings, Sir.
Respectfully Yours,
sub jean