Thursday, April 8, 2021

Losing the right to earn orgasms

You already know that my Master has been for years and of course still is in control of my sexuality. You might be surprised to hear that even after a long time of enslavement there can be some changes. Until know I could "earn" orgasms by working for them. That meant that I had to do all the tasks, all the traininges etc. and earn bonus points. Over the years Master made it harder for me to reach the points and made the orgasms "more expensive". This way he could control the frequency of my orgasms and make them more and more rare. Normally I would get an orgasm, or a ruined orgasm, some time shortly after I had reached the amount of needed points as a reward. I noticed that recently I actually had for quite some time already reached the needed points but received no orgasms. I am totally open to my Master about my submission and I talked to him about that. I told him that it feels absolutely right for me that there is no automatism that when I reach the points that I receive an orgasm. I told him that I came to the conclusion that in my opinion orgasms are for Masters and free men and not for slaves. Of course orgasms, and especially ruined orgasms, can still be part of a training and reward system or simply give the Master joy when he edges his possession. Master seemed very pleased and congratulated me to the path I have taken. He then set new rules for me. From now on I still have to earn bonus points. But now only my Master decides when and how I receive an orgasm. And they still cost points. But Master also told me that from now on my bonus points would be taken for non essential luxuries like sleeping in bed, wearing underwear or drinking coffee. I am actually quite happy with this path we are both taking!

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