Thursday, April 22, 2021

How do I relax as a slave?

Some users recently asked how I am allowed to relax, when they found out I am not allowed to use furniture and I can't lay down on the couch and watch TV or use my smartphone. I am still allowed to relax of course, because relaxation keeps my body and my mind healthy and this way I can serve my Master better. I think I as slave relax different than Masters, free men or even other slaves.

After a hard day at work the best way for me to relax is when I am collared and cooking for my Master and being allowed to serve him. The same way is after a hard week. There is no better way to start the week being plugged, gagged, locked and collared and cleaning the apartment and serve my Master in total silence. Nothing clears my mind better. So you see, serving my Master, being his slave, being of use for him, being his toy, his pet, his furniture etc. is a great way for me to relax.

Furthermore I am of course allowed to watch TV with my Master. I just have to sit in front of him or I am allowed to lay down on the carpet. Of course I am allowed to spend some time on my own. I am allowed to do so in my cage and read something or just lay down and daydream etc. Furthermore I am also having some hobbies, which are neither time consuming, nor dangerours, nor expensive. So this way they do not interfere with my existence as slave. And Master allows me to have these hobbies as long as I perform my other chores. 

To relax is different for me than for many other people. But it is as important to me like for everybody else and my Master makes sure that I get enough relaxation so I will be able to serve him many more years.

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