Sunday, May 2, 2021

Why a Master should order slaves to his home

After more than a year of pandemic and with an optimistic view into the future I think the situation gets soon better. Therefore I decided to write an article about my tip why you should order slaves to your home.
As a Master I decide where I want to meet the slave. Therefore the slave has to follow. When I meet a "new" slave I prefer to order them to my home - when possible. You are probably wondering why. There are several reason why I do that.
First of all because the slave is serving! He has to show the "courage" and the interest to serve me, therefore he has to take the way. He has to "work" first to find the way to my feet. If a slave took the way I know he really wants to serve.
The second reason is that I am the Master of the house. He is coming into my "territory" and therefore in my properties. You could also say that the guestslave becomes my temporary property. In my territory he is depending on me. Another reason why I think you should let the slave come to your house is that you know your stuff. You know where you can tie up the slave, where to park him. How your entertaiment system (e.g. for music) works.
But there is also a security and trust reason. By giving the slave your address you are also giving him security. You show him that you are taking responsibilities for him and that you reveal your location. Therefore he has your adress. He knows where to find you in case you are messing up. The slave is giving you his slavebody and his trust and in return it is only fair to reveal where/who you are.
What I personaly like is the nervousness a slave has when serving the first time. All these mentioned factors let me enjoy the moment - of the first meeting - even more. Knowing the slave probably thought all the way to my house about what could happen. Out of his "safe" zone, out of his daily environment/routine. It is the psychology behind the situation.
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