Thursday, May 27, 2021

My slave serving other Masters

I expect from my slave that he adresses other Masters - as well as Mistresses - properly and shows them the respect they deserve as Superiors. Whether in real life or online. It is his duty to adapt to Masters (or Mistresses) he interacts with. As example if a Master likes to be called "Sir" he has to do so and remember that. So in a certain kind of way I demand from my slave to "serve" all Superior as they deserve and I know my slave well enough that he would also do it without my prompting. It is in his natural being.

As I said my slave has to show respect and "serve" all Superiors on a basic level as long as they treat him with the "slaverespect" he deserves as my well trained slave! He is not public property - he is my property and therefore disrespecting him is kind of disrespecting my "work". This brings me to my next point:

I took a lot of effort and time to train my slave and deepen his servitude and submission. Therefore I love to "share" him also on an advanced level with other Superiors who appreciate a well trained slave and who can see the true value and potential in my object. When you worked on a piece of art you also like to share it with others who enjoy your work. The same occurs for my slave. Of course he is - and always was - a natural slave and brought a lot of potential with him. You could say he was a diamond in the rough. I cut and brought the diamond into shape and still do. Therefore I am proud of it and like to show and share it with other people who understand its value. On the other hand I protect it from people who would take advantage, damage or break it!

So yes. My slaves has to "serve" on a basic level to all Superiors by treating them with respect they deserve. If it comes to depper level of servitude - as licking boots, surrendering his slavebody for enjoyment, perhaps sucking a Mastercock - I decide to whom he has or is allowed to serve.

Another (rather smaller) reason is that it is in my slaves natural being to serve a Superior. It helps him in his development as slave. So that he can be in the place he - I believe - was born for. It is part of his slave-being which I want him to evolve. The more important reason behind the reason I discribed is that he serves who I tell or granted him to serve! It is not his choice to make. It is an symbol of ownership to whom I share him with on a deeper level.

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