Thursday, May 13, 2021

Putting the slave in a cage

The cage is the symbol of dominance and owning a slave. It represents hierarchy between a Master and his slave. Since the beginning - when I was exploring my BDSM - I knew I wanted a cage for my slave(s). It is the epitome of ownership . As you probably know my slave takes his breakfast in the cage after he served me mine in the morning. It is his time were he can read the news, look up social media and have some time for himself. It is his "free" time within a restricted space which reminds him of his position. Reminding him what he is and to whom he belongs. The cage forces him to stay on all fours. He can not stand in it. Futhermore I decide what option he has when locked away - with what he can pass the time. Sometimes I leave him his mobile phone in the cell, sometimes I give him a book and sometimes he is on his own. Waiting to be used again and kept reminded that I am in charge over him.
The cage is mostly his "safe" place. A place where he can rest. But of course it can be also a place to "suffer". Forcing him into a stress position in the cage which serves as a punishment. Furthermore It is a great view seeing my property in the cage while being free. The cage is near the bed so sometimes I lay in the bed while reading something and my slave is in the cage. That is such a beautiful view/picture and represents our lifestyle. A cage could be seen as bulky and inefficient but for me it is a symbol of ownership and it represents the lifestyle we are living.

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Anonymous said...

I love this- it makes me want it even more. You are so thoughtful and careful - we all should be so lucky Sir.