Thursday, May 20, 2021

Advices for my younger self

Overall I am happy with my life and how I am living it now! I had a lot of great experiences, but also made some mistakes in the past. I sometimes think about the past when I was younger and started to explore BDSM. If I could give my younger self some tips on his journey, let's say at the age of 19 or 20, those would be among them:

1. Embrace your submissivness and enjoy it!

I always knew I was a born slave and a true submissive, I wish I had accepted and lived it earlier and not tried to hide it. 

2. Choose wisely whom you serve

I had a lot of great experiences with Masters and Doms that taught me many great things, but some of the Doms I served did not value my submissivness and so did not deserve it. I would avoid especially all those who only played with me because I was young and who where not interested in me as a sub, but more in dominating a newbie. 

3. Serve experienced Masters

The best BDSM experiences I had where with older Masters who where experienced, patient and knew exactly what they did. I would advise my younger self to submit to more of those men to learn even more than I already did.

4. Take a reasonable risk

Sometimes the hottest Masters live houndreds of miles away and it takes a long car ride, train ride or even flight to get to them. Sometimes you end up in a hotel instead of the Master villa, you were expecting. But sometimes I was having the best weekend of a year as a slave to a Master in another far away city. So I would tell myself, be as careful as possible, but sometimes you have got to take a small risk and have a backup plan when the guy were talking to does not show up. 

5. Have fun and explore many kinks

I loved licking all kind of boots, but was not sure about riding boots. But hell I loved them the first time someone made me lick them and used them on my. I would advise my younger self to try out different things and see what I like.

What advices would you give your younger self?

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MasterAlex said...

My advice to younger me would be this: Do not be afraid! You met lovely older man who introduced to you bdsm. Grab that chance, explore what he wants to show you. If it scares you talk to him, share you thoughts. There are so many ways to enjoy bdsm. When you are over fifty you will be sorry you didn’t gave him the chance.

Thank you both this site. I have read your every blog entry.