Thursday, January 13, 2022

The joy of licking boots

I recently was talking to another fellow sub about licking boots. He told me how one sub found joy in licking another sub's boots. I was thinking to myself that that would not work for me.

The reason I enjoy licking boots is not because of the boots. It is because I want to make the Dom happy/proud/satisfied by licking his boots. Don't get me wrong boots are hot af. I very much enjoy pictures of boots and men in boots. Nearly every man I know looks hot in boots... and not just in one type but in many types of them. But I only enjoy licking boots when I know that the Dom enjoys it to a certain amount. When I was younger I had some so called Doms who made me lick their boots. But I could sense they were not that much into it. They just told me to lick their boots because it was something porn fantasy would tell them to do. So in this case neither of us enjoyed the licking probably. The same would be if I would have to lick a sub's boots. If I knew a guy is submissive I most likely would not enjoy licking his boots. Of course I would still do it if my Master would order me to lick another sub's boots, but it would not be the same as licking the ones of my Master or another Dom. 

So what I want to say is that like almost every other aspect of BDSM I enjoy the licking of boots when I please a Dom. The reason why the Dom enjoys getting his boots licked is secondary. 

Some like it because they want to humilitate a slave, some enjoy the feeling of the tounge pressed through the leather or rubber of the boot, some love to torture the sub while he licks the boots by kicking the slaveballs or tormenting the slave nipples with the thick soles. Some just want to keep the sub occupied while they watch TV, enjoy a cigar or have a drink. For many it is a mixture of those things.

Not matter why the Dom enjoys having his boots licked I will be gladly to do so and it will be for me more intense than sex.

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