Friday, December 17, 2021

Molding a slave

Soon it will be over a decade that I own my slave object. That means I am molding him to my needs and guide him deeper into his submission and this since soon over ten years. But what exactly means to mold and train a slave? What is the essential part of molding a slave and what exactly do I understand with molding?  
The most powerful tool of a natural slave is his slave mind! It is the center of his slave being and where the need to serve, to be dominated and the need to make his Master happy as well as the wish to be owned is located. This basic needs must be present in order to guide and mold a slave into submission/slavery. So first of all you have to find a slave which has the innate desire to serve, because when these needs are adressed the slave mind will release feelings of happines and that leads to a positive reinforcement for the slave to explore his slave being even depper. The same occurs of course for natural Masters too but as the counterpart.
Molding means that you take something raw and change it slowly into the shape you want. You have to take your time, gain experiance and try stuff out but of course you also have to be carefull about your material - so that you do not damage it. When molding a slave you always see or you have ideas how you can/could improve your (master)piece. Sometime you try something new - adding details, correct unsightly spots or working on a new spot you found/saw. As you see my slave is my art, my hobby and my lifework.
I guess you now want to know how to mold a slave? TRUST, honesty, time, empathy, communication, authenticity and at least affection - in my case pure love - are the pillor I need. These are the basic tools. The tools you need so that the material is in a state where it can be molded. But to mold a slave you need the "extended" toolskit: clear rules, clear structures and of course being consistent, strict (but fair). You have to work with your material. That means using/training your slave on a regular base. Keep in mind the material has to be molded, it has to be in a good state where it can be molded. If you use pure force you will not mold it, you will break it! Therefore you have to „read“ your material and know of what it is capable. Also you have to give the material time to adapt. It is an interaction in both ways between the scultor and his material! Furthermore you can not change the type or properties of material you have: You can not expect that clay has the same properties as cement. Both material can be formed but both have other properties. What I try to say is their are limits. That is the reason why I believe you have to be "born" as a natural slave or Master when you want to live the BDSM lifestyle. You need the right properties in you. You can not turn mud into a diamont. You need a rough diamond - which perhaps do not know it is a diamond - and work on it to make the diamond shine.

Enough analogy let's look at some examples: Rules like keeping slaves naked.
I keep slaves naked at all time. Of course there are several reasons why I do that but one reason is that the slave mind is trained to accept that the slave body is at my mercy and exposed towards his Master. Therefore I can reach every part of the slave body I desire. No chance to hide something. The slave is accepted as he is. On the other side I - the Master - wear clothes which creates a clear hierarchy. I have "protection" on me and my Master body is not vulnerable . So all the rules we do apply for slaves triggers something in their mind and (can) have a deeper and perhas unconscious meaning. 

My slave has clear structures. The slave terminal tells my slave what tasks and slavetrainings have to be done. He has to strip naked and wear his cuffs and chain collar when ever posible. These and other structures guide the slave into his being as a natural slave but also reminds him daily about his being as my slave.

Of course all rules and structure are only worth as much as the consistent Master who keep the slaves in line.

So the conclusion I want to give is: You can only guide the mind of a slave! He is the material and has to have the needs to be a slave. Another import point is that the sculptor has to know his craft and also the material but he is only as good as the material and tools he uses! It is the synergies that brings the result.

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fs001 said...

It must be so awesome to serve a clever and careful Master such as You, Sir!
And one word is amazing and so beautiful in this post, Sir: "love".