Thursday, February 18, 2021

Submitting to a Master

In my last blogpost I wrote about "equal rights" for slaves. I mentioned that I see slaves - who did not submit to me - as equal persons and therefore not as slaves. I want to take up the subject of submitting and show that there are several deeps of submission towards a Master. In my opinion only a small word is enough to show that you are submitting to a Master.

"Good morning, Sir" or "How are you Master D. ?".  If someone begins a conversation like that it is for me cristalclear that he accept his being as slave towards me and chooses to submit. Not only that, the slave also shows respect and good manners to a Superior, he gets in my mind also branded as a slave.
When a slave submits like that it does not mean I do or order him around like I want to. It only means that he accepts his position as slave towards me. Perhaps wanting to know each other more and building up trust. The more trust is build up the more a slaves is able to fully submit to a Master. So I would say their are three types of (healty) submission which correlate with trust:

generall submission - less trust
I try to explain: A slaves accepts the counterpart as a Superior and shows him respect in that state. Perhaps wanting to know him better or only want to show that he accepts the hierachy between them. This does not mean you can order everthing you want. Of course there are small orders which are appropriate in that state. Like how I want to be adressed. But in this state it is important to gain the trust of the slave and to get to know each other better.
genuine submission - genuine trust
I would say you could subdevide this state but to keep it simple I only choose three states. After knowing each other and gaining trust into the Master I believe a slave can more and more submit to the Master. I have to add that I believe there is a clear limit which you will reach by having online contact. At a certain level you have to meet/serve in person to deepen the submission/trust of a slave.
full submission - full trust
I would say at this point the slave accepts to be owned by you and wants to serve you fully. In this state the slave also accepts orders or stuff he perhaps "hates" and would not do for other Masters. But because of his trust in the Master and his submissiveness he accepts it. Be aware that breaking this kind of trust can be critical for the slave! The more trust you receive and therefore the more your slave submits to you the more responsibility you have to take care of him!

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sub.e.slav said...

Very interesting your thoghts, Sir! I have been following your blog Sir for some time now. Not just this blog but also yours and your slave's accounts on twitter, Sir. Thank you very much Sir.