Thursday, February 25, 2021

Under HIS boots.

Master and slaves and their boots are obviously a huge topic in the BDSM society and a big turn on for many people. For many it is very important what boots you wear and how you take care of them. 

I don't want to focus on boots in general, there are others who can do that better. But I want to reflect a little bit more on my personal view on boots.

1. Wearing boots does not make you a Dom!

I don't submit to a man because of his boots and I would never not submit to a man because he is not wearing boots. For me it is about the superior man, the Dom, the Alpha, the Master to whom I submit, wheter he is wearing boots or not. 

2. You don't have to wear boots to be a Dom!

If you are an Alpha an you wear boots they are a huge turn on for me as long as you are authentic. If the only reason for you to wear boots is because you think you have to wear them as Dom you should consider to stop. Subs will notice that it is not authentic. But subs will submit to you as long as you are an authentic Dom, no matter what you are wearing. 

3. I worship your boots because I worship you!

 I would never lick boots just because they are boots. I lick them because YOU as Dom are wearing them and it is a way for me to show you the respect you deserve.

 4.  Be creative with your boots!

Licking boots is great, but there so many more ways to use them on your sub. Just try new things and see what pleases you. You can use your sub as rest for your boots, you can play with the body of your submissive with the soles or the whole boots.  Stomp food and let your slave lick and eat it directly from the soles or surface. Find places where a sub can kiss and lick your boots in the open, for example a forest.  If you allow your sub to climax, you can let him lick his own sperm from your boots. You don't even have to wear them to have fun with your sub and your boots. Make your sub stand still on all fours and use him as place to keep your boots. One Dom made me take out his boots from the closet and had me clean them from dirt and polishing them. That was a great way for me to serve this superior male, while he did other things and only came every other minute to "encourage" me with his hand and crop to work good.

5. Boots are for Doms only!

This is going to be controversial. But in my opinion boots represent power and are therefor for Doms and superior men. I know that there are many subs who are also wearing boots, but this is not for me. When my Master and I are visiting BDSM parties he is often wearing boots while I am wearing something different, which also shows the hierarchy between us.

6. My favorite boots are the ones you as Dom love to wear!

I really enjoy riding boots, boots from soldiers, work boots etc. But only because I see and feel how much the Dom enjoys to wear them and using them on me. In this case I start to salivate whenever I see a Dom I know and trust in his boots.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, how would you feel if you saw another sub worshipping your master’s boots?

Unknown said...

Would not like but have to obey and respect masters rule