Thursday, February 4, 2021

Being a sadistic Master

I realisted I never wrote about the topic of being a sadistic Master. Of course there are a lot of facets in sadism and a lot of factors you have to look at. I believe all Masters are at least a tiny little bit sadists. So lets dig deeper into the topic.
To tie up a slave and then using him for my pleasure makes me happy and of course a sadist. Twisting the slavenipples, taking the slave by his balls, using wax over his body and a lot of other practices which inflicts pain to the slave. So why do I like this? I have to admit: I do not know. I was born with it.It has less to do about the way I inflict pain. It is more about the reaction of the slave and the meaning behind being at my mercy. The slave is totaly exposed to me and has to trust me fully. This is a great sign of power and trust over another human being. But of course it satisfies my desire to dominate inferiors. Furthermore it is a sign which demonstrates the hierachy! Inflicting pain to the slave shows clearly who decides over the slavebody and that it is also used to entertain the Master. 
From the side of the slave it is a sign of trust and submissivness towards the Master.
Being a (responsible) sadistic Master does not mean you beat the hell out of the slave! That is pure brutality and has nothing to do with passion, affection and guidance. Being a sadistic Master means enjoy seeing the slave suffer for your entertaining with "caring" about the slave! Caring that you do not overstep boundaries. When I enjoy the body of my slave and I see him suffer for me I also see something very special. I see/feel indirect happiness in my slave. Not happiness because he has to suffer but happiness because he can bring joy to his Master. There is this special feeling - this special vibe - this special look in his slaveeyes when he see's that I enjoy him suffering.
So why I like to be sadistic? As I said: I don't know but I believe it is a part of being a natural Master. Of showing the clear hierachy.
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fs001 said...

Thank You very much for explaining how You feel, Sir. It's also very nice to know You make a difference between sadism and pure brutality, and that You do care for Your sub, Sir.
i'm not into pain but i'm intrigued by non masochistic subs who accept to endure pain to please their Master. Must be some very intense proof of devotion, Sir.