Thursday, January 21, 2021

Do slaves have "equal rights"?

I recently chatted with a slave and he nailed it about the topic of - lets call it - "slave-rights". I had the same view about it but I never could phrase it in words. The slave used the term "equal rights but unequal function/purposes".
So yes I am dominating slaves, hitting them with my riding crop, using their slavebody for my pleasure and train them to serve me properly. As I mentioned in my previous blogentries slaves are hierachically below me and have to obey my orders BUT slaves also have "equal rights". For me these "equal rights" refer to respecting the slaves as human beings!
First of all: Before a slave does not voluntarily and therefore from his own desire submit to me I see him totally equal! So what does the slave mean with the term "equal rights"? Slaves have equal rights as every human being to mental and physical health, safety, financial security, retirement provision and so on. Everything what a human being needs to live and to be "safe" in any case. And that represents my point of view on respecting a slave as a human being. To take the technical term: The slave has equal rights for the basic needs - physiological, safety and security needs!
Therefore it is the highest and most important task for a Master that these basic needs are satisfied. They are the pillar of trust and devotion! Only when these needs are satisfied the Master can use and train his slave properly and will be respected as a "good" and classy Master.
The other term was "unequal functions/purpose" and therefore unequal rights towards their Master. My slave belongs to me. I train, dominate and decide over him but I also take care of him and assure his basic needs are taken care of! But I am in charge and I decide over him.

So here is my short answer to the question: "Do slaves have equal rights?":
As long as a slave has not submitted to me once I see him as an "equal human being". Therefore he has "all rights" like all other people. When an unowned slave decides to serve me - because he wants to serve - he gets mentally branded in my head as slave. In that moments he loses in my eyes most of his "equal rights" towards me except the basic needs.

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Unknown said...

As a submissive or slave I believe a sub does have rights that need to be discussed.Being someone that does not like pain I fear the Dominant that wants to truly hurt the sub or slave.

sub.e.slav said...

Aswering to comment above, Sir, I believe limits must be respected. I believe the practice of BDSM should SSC. But I also believe that a true Dom may hurt his sub, but not harm him. Trust is essencial in a BDSM relationship and trust is reached respecting limits.

Unknown said...

There are more ways to punish a sub/slave than to beat him. Forms of bondage exposure wearing certain items in public such as a collar making that sub/slave stay nude when visitors come calling the list goes on. I have never liked pain and black and blue marks are not medals or trophies to me. I'll give you a scene that I did years ago. I was forced to stay naked at a a party while I served drinks and snacks. At the end of the night I was forced to masturbate in front of everyone to make my Master happy. I was totally humillated. That night afterwords our love sex was excellent.