Thursday, January 7, 2021

Serving a Master online

I receive here and there requests from slaves if they can serve me online or if I do online domination. I personaly prefer to dominate slaves in real life. The real interaction - where you build up a Master-slaves bond - gives me the joy which fulfills my inner need to dominate and use slaves. Nevertheless I am a natural Master and therefore I am also dominant online and I expect respect from slaves when they are writing with me in the online world but I don't do "online domination" in form of "online sessions". Yes I give here and there orders to slaves but not in a "online session" way.

However their are some ways how you can serve me online if you have the desire to do so:

  1. Tribute
    You probably do not want to read that but the best way to "serve online" is to show servitude to a Master with a tribute. You worked (hard) for your money and by tributing you worked for the Master while he can enjoy something he likes: A good meal, good wine, perhaps some new boots, gloves or other goods he likes.
  2. Using your skills
    Another way you can serve is to offer your skills. If you are as example a good drawer you could invest some time and effort in drawing something. There are a lot of creative ways to spend your time and effort to show your servitude towards me or another Master. I like to read here an there a good BDSM story therefore another way could be to write a (short) BDSM story which I could enjoy when my slave is licking my feet and I am relaxing.
As you see with small gesture a slave can express his servitude online.

I know a lot of slaves want to receive online orders. Like ordering them to use a plug or to use nipple clamps while the Master is watching over a Webcam. So they want to be dominated online. I believe the issue I personaly have is that the slave is not at my mercy. That the focus lays on the slave and not at the Master. That the "vibes" I need - like bodylanguage, tension and authenticity - can not be transported. These are some of the key elements which I seek for and that I need to fulfill my need as a Master. Therefore "online sessions" can not provide these points for me.

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Andy said...

As a new and exploring submissive I tried the online dom experience and had to break it off for the flip side of your arguments, but also for one reason more important to me. I have lived this life in my head for most of my adult years, and for me, on line Domming was simply an extension of the same behavior. It has little to nothing to do with reality. After living with fantasy for so long, I want and need reality. I would rather wait for this bloody pandemic to end and then ohysically meet the gentlemen I have been conversing with, taste the exchange of energy, and see if we really fit each other. I can't do that online because I know how easy it is for someone to pretend to be something they're not. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me! Just because I am a submissive does not mean I lack self esteem. I just enjoy the feeling of real power exchange.