Thursday, January 14, 2021

The "joy" of a ruined orgasm

I have to stay chaste all the time. I can "earn" my orgasms, but only my Master can give them to me and only he decides when I receive them even after I have earned one orgasm. In the last years my Master made it harder for me to earn an orgasm and so I have to stay chaste longer and longer. And more often I am receiving a ruined orgasm instead of a full orgasm. 

Ruined orgasms start like real orgasms for me. My Master brings me in a certain position: as dog on all fours, bound to the ceiling, laying on my back etc. and he edges me, stops, edges me again, etc. Then he normally gives me a countdown. He always tells me in advance during edging if I am going to receive a full or a ruined orgasm. When I know I receive a ruined orgasm I have to tell immediatly when I reach the point of no return, that I am about to come. Then my Master stops edging me the very same moment and I get a ruined orgasm. Every one of those ruined orgasms are different. Some are stronger, like half a real orgasm I would say, sometimes me slavedick is only leaking a little. But every ruined orgasm is of course a reward and relievs some pressure! 

As far as I can tell all my recent orgasms have been ruined orgasms. So I wonder if my Master will keep this up and trains me to get used to that idea that sexual relief for me as a slave only means to recieve ruined orgasms. I would fit to the way my Master sees the world: Full orgasms for free men and Masters, only ruined orgasms for slaves. 

The last ruined orgasms was very hot. I was on the floor and rimming my Master while he was edging my slavedick. He told me that I was about to receive a ruined orgasm and that I was not about to enjoy any other form of sexual relief for at least 30 days. It was super hot, but I stayed calm and immediatly told him when I reached the point of no return. He stopped and I came half. During the whole time I kept rimming my Master, because even when I climax my focus is always on my Master. After that the told me to clean up my mess and then I continued serving him.

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