Thursday, February 9, 2023

How I feel about it when Master plays with other slaves alone. Spoiler alert: I think it is hot!

As you surely know it is very rare that Master and I are meeting other Doms and subs. This is for a variety of reasons. But it es even rarer that one of us meets with another Dom or sub without the other one present. In fact I think I only served another Master two times without my Master being present in the last 10 years. I recently focused on how I feel about when Master plays with other slaves and you might recall that I enjoy it and I am happy for the Master and slave. This time I want to focus a little bit more about how I feel about when Master meets with another slave without having me present. If I am correct hat happened just a couple of times, less than 10, within the last 10 years but 2 of those times were within the last 6 months. 

Although I was not present I actually enjoyed those meetings! Master loves me and loves to play with me. When I am not present I think that He can totally focus on the other slave. He can inflict all the pain He wants on one person and does not have to think about playing with two slaves. Of course it is more than great having two subs serving you, at least I assume, but sometimes I think it is great focusing only on one person. And with other slaves He might be able to enjoy different things than with me, His husband and long-term slave.

Furthermore I kind of enjoy the serving and humiliating aspect of it. I am not allowed to have sex or meet other people without the consent of my Master. But I as His slave have to prepare the toys for Him when He has having fun with another person. One time I cleaned the flat, prepared His outfit, cigars, His favorite rum and than I just left the appartment and only got back after the other slave had left. Than it was my job to clean everything. Another time we meet a sub at a club. I packed the toys, I carried them and when we were there Master played with the sub. I left and I waited patiently in front of the club till my Master had had his fun and came out again. Then we all had a drink together and we left.

I am not sure if there is a special word for it, I don't think it is cuckolding, because then there would be sex involved, but I still enjoy it. I am so happy that my Master can have fun and enjoy other slaves. And I think my Master is one of the best Masters in the world and I am happy for all the slaves that are able to enjoy His domination. I really love my Master but I am not jealous at the same time. Probably because I can seperate BDSM and relationship and furthermore those meetings are not happening quite often, so there are always kind of special.

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