Thursday, February 16, 2023

Using other slaves

As you probably already know I see my slave not as real man. Yes, he is male but this does not make him a man. His body, his sexuality belong to me, his pleasure comes from serving Superiors. I demand and trained him to show basic respect towards all Superiors. But of course I decide to whom he has to serve fully. He has no say in it but you probably know that already.

Nevertheless sometimes I use guest slaves. My slave has of course no say in it. It is my decision who and how I use guest slaves. Mostly my slave is present when I meet them and it is his duty to support them. Giving them tips on how to serve me properly. But his duties does not start and end with the meeting of the guest slave. His duties starts before: Cleaning the house, making preparations and afterwards cleaning up and tidying the room again.

I invited once a guest slave very spontanious. Unfortunatly my slave could not serve together with the guest slaves because of work. But he knew his duties. The day before the visit my slave came home late and as a well trained slave he knew he has to tidy up the rooms and prepare everything! So he stayed up late and woke up early to finish all the preparations.

While I had my fun and pleasure using the guest slave, my slave worked very late. I enjoyed drinks, ordered food and had a nice cigar that night. Of course all these things leave "slave" work behind. The glases had to be washed, plates and dishes to be cleaned and the remaining ashes from the cigar disposed -  no I did not used the guest slave as an ashtray this time. Furthermore the guest slave did not ate everything and therefore leftovers were left . I put the dog bowl with the leftover into the fridge - why wasting food!

The next day I had to work longer then usual. It was clear for my slave what I expected: A clean flat when I come home and so he did. The leftovers were eaten and the flat was cleaned.

That is exactly what living the BDSM Lifestyle is. It is for me much more then only using a slave for sex.

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slave Argos said...

You deserve it as a great Master you are, Sir!

Harry1 said...

Just came across your site on Twitter having gotten my attention drawn by the carriage+ponies picture. Then read more. Filled with both admiration and envy that you can carry out this lifestyle as openly as you do. Best wishes. H.

Anonymous said...

Be an honor to be a slave gif you master d

fag slave said...

Master D, it is great that Your slave is able to handle all the duties to prepare for You having a guest slave over to use. it admires the fact that Your slave does not have jealousy with You using other slaves with or without him there. So many times, jealousy does crop up in situations like this in other relationships. It points out that You and he have an open relationship that works for You and him.