Thursday, February 23, 2023

Being a slave brother

I love to be connected with other slaves and submissives. For me there is no jealousy in that, but more of learning from each other and supporting each other. Somehow I feel deeply connected with other submissives. Some of them I have only met online or only met once or twice. But with some I feel connected instantly and consider them as friends. So I was wondering it there are names and labeling of relationships between submissives and slaves. I actually like the the terms "fellow slave" and "slave colleague" that shows that the slaves respect and value each other but probably have not served the same Doms together nor met. 

With some slaves I have an even deeper connection. This connection relates mostly from being in contact for a long time and/or having served the same Dom together, mostly my Master of course. Those slaves I would call "slave brother" or "slave sister". It is like a family you choose. Where you are in contact with each other, you support each other and you care about each other. 

In some cases I can be kind of the more experienced older slave brother where I share tips and give advice, but I can also be the younger slave brother that receives support and training from an older slave brother. And of course it is possible that we are just slave brothers at the same levels. 

Still this is a term I have only used a few times in my life, cause Master and I don't meet with a lot of slaves and other Doms, so it is still a special relationships being a slave brother. 

But I always feel valued when someone decides to call me his slave friend or slave colleague. After all whe should always be there for each other.

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slave Argos said...

I'm proud of you and connecting to you, slave brother! :D