Thursday, March 2, 2023

When and why I adress inferiors as "slaves"

First of all it is important to say, that everyone has a slighly different view on BDSM. Therefore this is my view on when and why I adress inferiors as slaves. I have to admit that I like calling an inferior "slave". The main reason is to actively remind them of their being and their position in the hierarchy and secondly it makes my life much easier because I do not have to remember their names. Furthermore the name of a slave is in my view not really important.

On the other hand I like to be called "Sir" or "Master D." from inferiors. It shows the respect I deserve as a Superior. Does that mean that this makes me their Master or does a slave who I adress as "slave" makes him my slave? NO, of course not! Calling me "Sir" or "Master D." is only a sign of respect and aknowledging the hierarchy.

In my point of view every slave who knows and accepted his place in the hierarchy should show respect towards a Master - but only if it is authentic to them - but does that mean the slaves submits to this Master? If I am honest: Only a teeny tiny bit and because of that I would answer this with 99% no but with 1% yes in it. They submit in that way that they accept that I am an Superior towards them and that they are inferior towards me and that's it. I receive the respect but this does not mean I deserved the trust which is needed for a deeper submission.

It is my part as Master to build up that trust! When a slave - which I had never contact with - would write me a message it would not occur to me to give him any orders. Perhaps I will tell him to wait because I am currently busy or I would tell him how I like to be adressed - if he chooses an adress I do not like. First I want to know the slave and regarding the course of the conversation we will see what happens. That is the respect a slave deserves in my opinion.

So if a slaves calls me "Sir" or "Master D." it is clear for me that I will call him "slave".
I am sure you are now asking: What if I make the first contact? It depends on the content and on the way a profile looks like. If the profile shows clearly that he defines himself as slave. I start calling the person slave, but of course the person has the right to tell me that he does not want to be called that way.

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undertheboot said...

Thank you for this post Sir. Interesting to read Your perspective.
For some time I stopped addressing Dominants as Sir by default online. I felt that some were not comfortable with it. Possibly because They have a different view of BDSM where it's seen as presumptive without prior discussion. I find that quite difficult to navigate as I've always felt a desire to respectfully address Superiors. I do feel it's the right thing for me and it's a joy when a Master finds this pleasing.

Needless to say, I'm starting to think this may be too cautious an approach. My values include being true to my slave mind so I agree with Sir's opinion on the importance of being reminding of position and status with address. Many thanks for Your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Good day Master D I wish there was a place where slaves could be naked 24/7 In Private and public showing our servitude to the superior alpha that we need and desire to serve and obey. All good slaves should always be naked in the presence of all alphas

fag slave said...

Master D, this slave has always addressed Superior Men as Sir. it has even addressed other submissives as Sir if it is not evident to it that they are a sub. It is better to error on the side of calling them Sir then to not address them respectively. To a faggot slave like itself, most Men are superior to it, so it is only right that it address everyone as Sir unless it knows the Master's name and addresses Him properly as Master X. This is a good subject to discuss, Sir.