Thursday, March 9, 2023

The joy of waiting

Waiting is not seen in a positiv light in our society. Many people want everything and they want it now. Some have lost the ability to wait. But especially in the context of BDSM waiting is quite important and can actually bring a lot of joy. 

For example when you are about to meet a new Dom or sub you probably don't meet within 10 minutes after starting to chat. You ideally get to know each other and trust each other. After this time of meaningful waiting the meeting will surely be deeper and more intense than otherwise. Escpecially as slave you have to wait a lot. A Dom might tell you to stay chaste days or weeks before you meet. So you have to wait before your next orgams, what is equally painful but also joyful. A waiting time well spent! 

Same goes for the time when you are having a session. Wheter it is short, long or permament waiting will be a big part of it. You will be tied and left on the floor, you will be locked in the pillory and the cage and have to wait for the Dom to come back to you and release. Many of us submissives find this wating time great. I escpecially do! When I am in the cage resting and waiting for my Master. I listen to every sound that might show me that He would come to me and take me out of the cage either to Him or to another task He would decide. Even when Master and I seperated waiting lets the tension grow on seeing each other again. And each greeting ceremony is more intense after we had been seperated for some days. To be able to wait means to be a good sub. You put the plans and the needs of the Master first and wait for when you are useful. It can also mean that you are reduced to a silent object or pet in this role. When I communicate with a Superior it is also important for me to never keep a Dom waiting, although I don't expect an immediate answer when I write with a Superior. Time is relative, especially for Doms and subs.

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