Thursday, March 23, 2023

The difference between a Master turned husband and a husband turned Master

A Master asked me recenlty online if I could give some insight into what I think is the differecne betwenn a Master turning into a husband and a husband turning ino the Master. And of course I am happy to do so. First of all my husband was my Master first, only years later He also became my husband.

I think both variations are beautiful and both require a deep level of love, respecte and mutual trust. The main difference might probably be the foundation of the relationship. In our case it was a D/s dynamic, where Master wanted me to submit and I wanted to submit to Him. From there on many things developed that lead to a relationship and later to the marriage. I learned His likes and dislikes to serve Him better. We spent a lot of time together and moved in together so I could serve my Master better in everyday life. As for my controlled sexuality there was no other place for another man in my life. But to be honest I did not seek one. For me the basis of serving my Master was sympathy, trust and that I liked the person. Soon that turned into love. Master also started to love His object and love and romance is still very important to us. So we decided to marry. On the one hand a sign of love to us and the world, but also to deepen our D/s relationship. To marry showed to us that we wanted to stay together, deepen our relationship and face the challenges of the world as Master and slave. For me my marriage certificate is kind of a slave contract t. We did not marry as equals, but with clear roles.

As we do not know many people who also live a D/s relationship in real life I don't know any couple where a husband turned into a Master. But I think the outcome and the way of the relationship might be quite similiar. In this case it would be two people loving each other, deeply caring for each other. A couple that also wanted to show their love and got married. But on some point also decided to get into the D/s world where one would start to dominate and the other want would start to submit. I imagine this dynamic very exciting. Living together in a place and the place stays the same but suddenly the rules change. The couch that you bought together is now only accessible for one person. The house chores you probably shared are now the responsiblity of just one person. Clothes at home are no longer an option. In this case the couple started as equals and decided to take another path.

But important is, both are having a similiar foundation. And for me personally the cominbination of submitting to my husband and not only to my partner is pretty hot. But there also comes the tricky part for both types of relationships. I heard from couples that started as Master and slave, later married and turned vanilla over the time. Also from couples that married, turned into D/s and than into vanilla again. This is not bad of course, when both parts are happy. But to maintain a D/s relationship in a marriage needs strong commitment from both parts.

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Gerry said...

When I married my husband in 2016 neither of us had any thought that it might become a Master/slave relationship. It turned out that being married empowered both of us to follow paths which led to my being a slave to my husband, now my Master. Our new relationship is in its early stages and we are still exploring the infinite possibilities but slave couldn't be happier and has already glimpsed the freedom which complete submission can ultimately bring.