Thursday, March 30, 2023

Meeting Master D. and his slave

Shortly before the Covid-era began, I met Master D. online on twitter. I was fascinated by his blog and the lifestyle he displayed about the Master-slave-relationship with his slave and husband. Later on I also got sporadically in contact with his slave there. Over the last three years we chatted on and off and Master D. gave more insights about Master`s life. Especially during that time it was very helpful as I didnt meet lots of people and it was not easy to stay mentally healthy.
At the end of last year Master D. asked if I would have time for a real meeting as he would be in Berlin together with his slave. I was so happy to have this unique opportunity to meet.
I was really nervous as I wanted to meet all expectations of Master D. When I was arriving at their place where they stayed I was welcomed by his slave. My heart was racing but felt comfortable at the same time. He explained 2 positions I had to take if Master ordered. After the preparation was done Master D. finally stepped in front of me. It was like a dream coming true to kneel in front of him. His presence was overwhelming and it felt abolutely right.

He tested if I learned the 2 positions correctly. He corrected the way to speak to him and taught me how to serve him the proper way like bringing a drink or licking his boots and leather. The nervousness was substituted by absolute joy. I was eagerly licking his boots and was proud when Master D. was pleased.

I was serving together with his slave whom I immediately closed to the heart. Master D bound us together, put nipple clamps to each which we had to pull. It was a quite good pain and we even made a challenge out of it. We were really starting to have fun. Master D. played very hard with my nipples which definitely hurt for more than 5 days after the meeting. I loved feeling the sore nipples and was proud I took the pain.

I could have some relaxation time with his slave in the cage and we talked normally, touched and cuddled together. It was the moment where I realized how powerful BDSM can build up connection to the people involved to this lifestyle.

We ended the meeting with serving Master D. sitting on his throne by licking his boots together. It was a moment where my slave heart was fulfilled with the purpose I was looking for.

Later after the meeting our conversations even got more intense and deeper. I highly appreciate the conversations with Master D. and his slave, their advices and the human moments to share emotions. I can also say that I see Master D.`s slave getting a slavebrother to me.
I hope to see both of them again in the future and share special and intense moments.

Thank you Master D. for letting me be part of your life. 

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