Thursday, February 2, 2023

High protocol in daily life

Since quite some time the high protocol is part of our daily life. In the past the high protocol was in place when doing a slave training or when I was in the mood to use my slave more intense. During the other time normal protocol was in place. Messaging and during the day normal protocol took place. I think in avarage the high potocol took place on weekends and perhaps one evening during weekdays. As part of his slave training and deepening his slave being I decided to intensify the high protocol. My slave always had to pre check-in before coming home. That means he has to inform me when he will arrive at home. I began to use this process to let him know which protocol will be in place when he would arrive. Therefore I started to order him more often into high protocol during evenings on weekdays. Today it is quite normal that my slave comes home, strips naked, takes a shower, puts on his cuffs and mostly a mask and then prepaires to serve me in high protocoll by putting on his slave leather collar (collar indicates high protocol). As long as we do not have other plans for the night.

As the high protocol becomes more and more the standard protocol at home I noticed that it felt strange that during the day our conversation over messages was unchanged - in normal protocol. I noticed that my slave started to communicate more and more by adressing me „Sir“ during normal protocol. Therefore - after it was absolutly normal that quite every evening the high protocol was in place - I decided to change the daily protocol structure from normal to high. 
No matter the protocol which was in place the other night, every day starts in the high protocol. Therefore my slave has to adress me with the respect I deserve. At home or over messages. I think it supports the slave on understanding his position as an inferior toward me at all time. Today 70% of the time where it is possible my slave addresses me as „Sir“, „Master D.“ and chooses his sentences wisely and with respect. I believe that deepens his submission even more and as he told me it feels correct to him to address me properly in daily life. 

Because he is now quite a lot into high protocol I made clear that he is always allowed to respectfully ask if we could switch to normal protocol. Communication is the most important part in any kind of relationship and the high protocol does not allow my slave to express himself in a full range. I expect in high protocol a formal and „emotionless“ conversation - best way of my picture it is like a butler.

Normaly before going to bed I take off his slave collar (which indicates the high protocol). By taking it off normal protocol takes place. That is the time were my slave can tell me how his day was in detail and with much more emotion. I have to say somehow I find it absolut apropriate that my slave first have to fully focus on his Master when coming home, doing chores, fetching drinks or licking feed or sucking the Mastercock without „bothering“ me as a Superior about his slave day. This is a strong sign of submissivness and shows the place of the inferior. Do not get me wrong of course he will receive the time and the focus he needs but the first comes the Master then the slave. Therefore I find it approriate that at the end of the day when I am pleased and taken care of I takes care of my slave, listen and talk about his day.
Because of certain circumstances - daily life and plans during the evening - it is of course absolut normal that the normal protocol is sometimes more often in place. Having private appointments and a rough schedule can lead to more normal protocol. Having a intense work week where we have to work more than usually can also lead to more normal protocol takes because the high protocol would be an obstacle for being fast and efficient - why should my slave strip naked put on his slave gears when we will receive vanilla guest in 1-2 hours. Nevertherless what stays in place is that during the weekday that my slave has to communicate over messenger in high protocol.

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