Saturday, April 30, 2022

10 years a slave

This year marks the 10 year anniversary since I asked my Master if he would allow me to become his slave. 

It is interesting how our lives and we have developed since then! I did not know what my life would be when I became his slave. I have always been looking for this kind of relationship. But after several years and some disapointing trials I had already given up. That was till I found my Master. He was very reasonable and started to built trust slowly and slowly.

He did not ask too much from me. He knew he wanted me to be his slave and that he would have years to train and own me. I love to think back to the years we met. I always knew he was a dominant man, but I only learned over the years that it was definitly a part of his very existence to be a dominant superior. I had met too many men who claimed that about them altough that was not true. It was another thing with my Master. He did not play a role. He just was authentic him.

10 years have passed by and I never regreted the decison. And I am still grateful every single day that my Master took me in as his personal slave. Was is always easy? No of course not. My Master is a strict and demanding Master who knows exactly what he wants from an inferior male. But he is always fair and I can always talk openly to him. It is not easy being a slave and working full time. Master of course expects me to do all the things in the house and we would never hire anyone else to do that. That is slave work. But so far it works great.

I am really proud how I went deeper and deeper into the submissive space over the years. I always think: "How can I make the live of my Master easier?" And when I come up with new things I suggest them to my Master and see if he likes them. I also would have never imagined how good my Master would be able to train me in taking in plugs and dildos and how good he would control my sexuality. He trained me to accept that orgasms are only for superiors and not for me as slave. And I love that. 

Almost every day in the last 10 years I have worshipped the Mastercock whenever possible and I still can't get enough of it. I actually think my Master gets hotter each and every year and I love to wake up next to him and say: "Good morning Master."

Although he makes me eat leftovers from the floor - it is the most loving relationship I have had so far.  I feel valued and I know my partner respects me and that I can't count on him. That is probably the special thing about a D/s relationship. I really love that my Master is not only my Master and my husband and I am looking forward to living together and growing together in the next 10 years!

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Gerry said...

Congratulations and I hope the next 10 years are equally enjoyable and rewarding.
This sub wishes it had discovered it's own submissiveness many years ago. Nevertheless, it is still hopeful that it will find a Master who can train it.

Lyndon said...

Congratulations. All the best.

Larry W Gibson said...

I am a submissive that truly understands the desire to serve. Some couples have to keep their relation under wraps because of narrow minded people that look down on a relationship such as that. I have had a couple of relationships that they fallow the lifestyle. One such relationship came to light some time ago. A couple had to visit a friend that owned at second house on about some heavily wooded land Just fifty yards off the road. Twice a month he and his slave would go there to spend some quiet time. In town the boy stayed dressed so when some one would drop by he was proper and could receive company. But on one or two of those weekends when at the house where he practiced the life style he stayed naked. From doing house work cooking to hand washing his Masters Car naked. That meant in full view of anyone that pulled in the drive. A friend of the Master came out to get some important papers signed with his girl friend who came along for the ride. The couple pulled in while the boy was washing the car naked. Instead of trying to hide being naked the boy continued to wash the car in full view of the lady. She could not believe he was doing that and did not try to hide the fact he was naked. All she could do was say "The boys naked!" in dis believe The papers were signed and they left.

fs001 said...

Happy anniversary!!!
So good to read how happy you are!
Thanks for sharing all this with us.
Lucky you having met such an amazing Master.
But i'm sure it's no coincidence. You must be too an amazing human being.
i'm so happy that the two of you met and enjoy your life in a way which is so complementary.
i hope you two have tens and tens of happy years in the future, with lots of new experiences :)