Friday, April 1, 2022

Sleeping on the floor as slave

As you already know I am only allowed to sleep in the Master bed when my Master is at home and when he allows me to join Him in bed. Otherwise I have to sleep on the floor or in the cage. So sleeping on the floor is nothing unusal to me and I have to admit it is something I got used to over the years. Of course Master wants me to stay healthy and sleep well. So although I have to sleep on the floor sometims He still allows me to use a camping mat and a sleeping bag. Of course I don't sleep as good on the floor as I sleep in the bed. But honestly I kind of got used to it and so sleeping on the floor became normal to me and I can still spend the day after without being totally tired etc.

I think Master lets me sleep on the floor when He is not present to show me my role in our relationship and the hierarchy within it. But beside that there are still some practical reasons why Master lets me sleep on the floor. Some days I suggest it myself. For example when I have to get up quite early and leave the apartment before my Master I suggest sleeping on the floor in another room, so I would not disturb my Master when I have to get up early. On other days Master has me sleep in the kitchen, so that I can get up before him and start cleaning the kitchen and preparing the Master breakfast while my Master is still sleeping. I love it when He uses me as this kind of silent butler object serving Him. Some nights He puts me more into a dog position. I have to wear my dog paws and collar which tells me I am not allowed to speak human language but only bark. Then He chains me somewhere in the flat and also makes me sleep on the floor as His dog. Of course all within safety distance so He could hear me if I had a problem. In the morning when he would wake up He would come to me and release me. Then I would either go back to the role as His slave or sometimes He would keep me as His human dog a little bit longer. Just as He wishes. 

So you see there are many different reasons why a slave can or has to sleep on the floor, from practical reasons to just showing hierarchy. 

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