Thursday, March 24, 2022

Missing the slave

As you probably know I am sometimes on business trips. That means I am seperated from my precious slave. Sometimes only a day and sometimes a whole week or longer. After owning my slave for a decade I still miss him from the first day. I know this could sound silly but he is the love of my life and he is my lifework. Without my slave I do not feel complete. Something is missing.

Yes I miss the morning routines like the slavetongue on my Mastercock and Masterballs, playing with its slavenippels or the useless slavecock or getting fetched a drink. Of course I miss all of that and all the aspect of our BDSM lifestyle but most of all I miss my slave! I am missing the slave who completes me and gives me inner peace. Around my slave I can truely be myself - the Master and person I am. It is hard to describe.

But there are also"advantages" of being seperated for some days despites the feeling of missing my slave. At home you are in your daily (work/social) routines, when being on a business trip I reflect and think more about my slave and our lifestyle. A lot of good ideas came from business trips while longing for my slave and reflecting about the BDSM lifestyle. Furthermore you get remindet what you have in life and I also get reminded how much I appreciate the relationship/lifestyle I have with my slave.

After a business trip I always love to use my slave. It is like being thirsty and the longer you have to wait the more you appreciate the water. BDSM is and was always an important part in my life - it is deep in me and it is who I am. It feels more intense after some days of seperation and I think that it is the same for my slave or perhaps even more intense. While I am away he has no physical kind of "stimulation". His useles slavecock is locked. He is not allowed to touch himself but he has all his rules and structure still in place. He shows the respect I deserve as a Master while writing with me. Keep in mind that I use his body on a daily base. I play with his slavenipples, touch his locked slavecock every day. All these stimulation are gone while I am away. So he has to patently wait until I return. I think therefore the anticipation grows from day to day to see his Master again.

So I believe being seperated sometimes can be healthy and conducive to a (BDSM-)relationship and it shows what you have in life.

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Gerry said...

I believe that the proverb: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" nicely encapsulates your feelings towards your slave.

Your blog postings and those of your slave always stir in me the deepest feelings of submission and I constantly struggle to express those feelings fully in my life.