Thursday, March 3, 2022

Trying to improve as a slave

I am the permanent slave of my Master for quite some years. My Master trains me regularly. These trainings help me to keep my quality as a slave and to improve as a slave as my Master has writtern here: link One might ask if there is still room to improve as a slave after so many years? Of course there is! I think like in every relationship it is important to reflect from time to time as a partner what could you do to be a better partner for your partner and where are things that you both take for granted. This probably is valid for straight, gay, vanilla etc. and BDSM-relationships. It might even by that subs and slaves are more aware of that than others. There are a lot of advices and tips like: "Have you already served a Dom today?" "How can you be of better service to your Dom?"

I also try to keep those questions in mind and try to reflect from time to time. For me trying to improve as a slave does not mean that I try to take in bigger and bigger plugs or wear smaller and smaller cages. It means for me that I reflect on the services I provide for my Master and if there is room for improvement. For example: How long does it take for me to react to an order and to fulfill it? Is my language aprropiate or could it be more humble? 

But the main two questions I ask myself from time to time are: 

"Does my Master get enough of my time and attention?" 

Between job, family, friends and other obligations it can sometimes be a struggle to juggle with all the things that need my attention. I always try to be good at the things I do and at the same time I always try to never neglect my Master. Actually my Master is great about that. He is very understanding when I have hard phases at work and need more time for or follow private projects. Of course I talk to him about those projects, tell him how long and when I have to work on them and seek his approval. And even in busy phases it is very important that I make the room and time to serve my Master. And I think he sees and understands that and lets me go on with my projects. So my advice would be to communicate openly about the time you might not have enough time for your Master. What also helped was the my Master limits my screen time, so time consuming social media is not a problem and I can focus more on important things like him.

The other question I ask myself from time to time is:

"What can I do to improve the life of my Master?"

This is also a very important question one should ask from time to time, wheter you have a partner or a Master. I have two examples where I recently did that: On many days I have to get up before my Master. And I try to prepare everything for him what is possible so that he can sleep a little longer and that when he gets up he finds all the things he needs prepared. This wasn't ordered in fully lenght by him, but something I came partially up with to improve his start in the day. The second thing I did recently was attending a cooking class. I tried to improve my cooking skills so that I can provide better and healthier food for my Master. Because it took some time I asked my Master for his OK, because on those days I could not serve him in person. He allowed  me to attend the class.

So you see, even after years of living together and serving there is always room for reflection and improvement. 

How do you try to improve as a slave?

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Anonymous said...

You guys are great. I always come back to read this blog because it touches my heart. Two beautiful people who have made their lives work for them. Thank you for writing.

Anonymous said...

You guys are great. Love this blog. Thank you so much for writing.