Saturday, February 26, 2022

The importancy of slave trainings

My slave became the slave he is because of his slave trainings! The trainings help him to deepen his submissivness as well as accepting and finding his true self. For me slave trainings are an essential part of the BDSM lifestyle as well as the backbone of a working and healthy BDSM relationship - of course combined with trust and love. 

First of all: Slave trainings do not mean that your slaves learns every time something new or deepens his submissivness in every training - No! Training means you set the focus during the training to the protocols and have the slave work on them. The positive side effect is that the slave becomes better at it or at least holds his quality level. But for training to be effective, you must constantly repeat them - over and over again otherwise it is not a training and you risk that the quality of your slave will drop.
Since ten years my slave has every month a bunch of slave trainings which he has to performe. Dogslave, ponyslave, furnitureslave, lick and anal training. Every month I train him in these areas. For each training he has clear protocols and rules which he has to follow - each training has quite the same but slighly different high protocols. Everytime he gets better at something it becomes the new standard and the trainings helps to keep that quality.

Beside holding the quality on a certain level or even raise it the training has also other benefits. First of all it is a good routine and helps the slave to know his place. Training makes sure that his being as slave is part of his life. Do not get me wrong: Training or not my slave is always slave. He serves me 24/7 but the high protocols bring the "purest" slavebeing there is to the surface. There are clear rules and structure which can not be lived 24/7.

I think being so focused during a training lets the slave slip easier into a deep slave headspace which helps him to deepen his submissivness.

Sometimes new ideas occur while I train my slave which I think about and perhaps try later. Of course slave trainings are also ideal to reveal new rules or to try something new on your slave.

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fs001 said...

Manyt thanks for sharing Your clever thoughts about training subs, Sir. said...

thank you Master for these precious advices, we slaves need rigorous Masters and solid training.