Thursday, February 3, 2022

The power of a slave mask

My slave mostly has to wear his slavemask when serving in high protocol and there is a reason for it: The mask objectifices a slave.

First of all we identify people by their faces. Taking away the "face" by a mask takes away a part of a slave´s identity and therefore objectifices him. Another effect is that it takes also away the ability for nonverbal communication. A big part of our non-verbal communication happens via facial expression. By taking away or reducing the posibility for the slave to nonverbaly communicate with his facial expression the slave gets even more objectified. 

Our brain is reading constantly and unconsciously the nonverbal signals which other people are sending. You can not switch that off or stop that. But by letting the slave wear a mask you can trick your own mind. Of course it also depends on the mask the slave is wearing. The mask of my slave has holes for his eyes and his mouth. Therefore I can only read facial signals from his eyes or mouth, but there are also masks which have perforated eye holes. Therefore the slave can see through the multiple tiny holes but the Master can not read the expression of the eyes. This objectifies the slave even more!

But I think a mask has also advantages for a slave. I am sure feeling a tight mask around a slave´s head triggers something in the slave mind. But perhaps thats a topic for my slave.

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Unknown said...

Excellent description, Sir!