Thursday, February 10, 2022

Wearing a mask - slave perspective

After Master has written in his last post about slaves wearing a mask, he has encouraged me to show my my perspective on masks. To be honest - I totally love them! That is for different reasons. I don't wear masks in everyday life. At least at home, outdoors this is a completly different topic as you know quite well :-)

So wearing a mask is still something special. A mask is not part of my everyday outfit as as slave, but I almost always have to wear a mask when I am in the high protocol or other training protocols. Masks are part of my own BDSM history. I was in contact with them long before I met my Master. I would deeply recommend them for beginners. When a slave wears a mask it can help you to get deeper into the slave role and depending on the session you are planing, into the certain mindset, for example if you wear a doggy mask. I also always felt safer when I wore a mask when I met a new Master, because I sometimes wasn't sure if they would try to take a picture and so at least my face would not be seen on the picture. Wearing a mask also helped me to overcome certain insecurities. Would the Master like the look of my face? With the mask on that was no problem at all and I could concentrate on serving the Master. Being a beginner it was definitly easier for me to reach the submissive space, change into the a certain role and try new things I probably would not have done so easily without a mask. It was easier for me to think of me as an object or an objectified servant. When I was younger I also enjoyed it when a Master would wear a mask, it was a certain kick serving a dominant man that would not show his face. It was kind of mysterious and was also great for the submissive headspace, because I was not even worth of seeing his face. Now I prefer to see the Master face, because it helps me to read the orders and wishes of a Master better.

Even today I still love my different masks. As my Master is also my husband the mask helps me to go deeper into the submissive headspace. I really love to look at the mirror and see myself as naked, cuffed, caged and masked object while I work for my Master. It is a great headspace! Furthermore if my Master would invite another slave and/or Master to play with us, it is very likely you won't see my face. On the one hand because of anonymity but even more because he would want to present me as his well trained object, that responds to his orders and only talks when necessary for the given tasks. The same applies for being at BDSM parties. I have noticed that most of the other Masters also like it when I wear a mask... it shows some kind of a mystery and even for other Masters it makes it easier to play with an object. I noticed that some Masters who get to know me better, have problems to dominate me when we become friends. So keeping the mask on helps to stay on the BDSM side. I also love to see masks on other slaves. There is one certain sub where we both sometimes serve my Master together. He and I are both always wearing masks. I have met him several times over the year but we both don't know what the other face is looking like. We could stand on the street next to each other and we wouldn't recognize each other. Unless he would take out his dick...but that is another story.

The good thing about masks is, that you don't have to spend a fortune on them. Of course there are expensive rubber and leather masks that look great, but you can also buy cloth masks for little money and have the same effect. Of course masks have other challenges. It might be harder for the Dom to read a masked slave if he is ok or if something is wrong. Furthermore I often have to wear a mask that covers my ears, so it is harder for me to understand orders, and I have to listen more carefully to understand everything correct. The good thing is this way two Masters can have a conversation and be sure that the slave does understand not everything they say... which also shows the object status. Of course sometimes a mask can be obstructive, for example when you wear an expensive a mask you probably won't do certain things that might harm the leater or rubber. And there is also one Master, that is allowed to use me, who almost always makes be take off my mask. That is because he is a true sadist and he wants to see the pain all over my face, when he tortures me. 

So you see masks are great! Try some, and find the right way on how to use them in your session and life.

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Argos said...

I loved to read your view about masks! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well written . i don’t have much experience and have a cheap nylon mask but when I wear it and look in the mirror , it’s easier to bring out this deeper part of myself . Thank you .