Thursday, March 10, 2022

My view on an alphaslave

As you probably already read I see my slave as an alpha when having guestslaves over. Of course that means that he has more responsibilites as he already has. As an alphaslave he is responsible to guide the guest slave. To help him following all house rules and that he serves properly. Being responsible for the guest slave means also to held accountable for mistakes this slave makes.

Sometimes I want to be entertained and Iorder my slave to use the slave while I enjoy watching. This is the only exception when the guestslaves tongue touches the body of the alpha slave. But also here the focus is to entertain me. Therefore my slaves prio is that I enjoy the view. He takes care that I can properly see the scene. If he notices my view is blocked he repositions the guestslave or himself so I can enjoy the view. Needles to say that the slaves are not allowed to climax or let alone fuck. In my view slave do not fuck! They get fucked. Of course I could let an alpha slave fuck a guestslave to show the hierarchy between them but I much rather like them to show and feel to whom there sexuality belong and that their sexuality should come from serving me - not fucking around. Therefore I would never order a slave to fuck. I tried it once many years ago and it felt wrong to see and order it.

An alpha slave is a slave which has more experience then another slave and which job or order is to guide this slave on a basic level. So that I am not bothered by answering basic question like how I want my coffee, how the table has to be set, how he has to present himself and so on. That is in my view the job of an alpha slave.

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