Monday, April 18, 2022

My Master is the man of the house

I really love about BDSM relationships that they are so diverse and every couple can define the roles within them for them and also adapte them from time to time. So I decided to reflect a little bit about what it means that we are a married gay couple but that be both define that only my Master is the man of the house. Please be aware that this is only a personal reflection. As said before there is a huge variety of ways you can live in a D/s relationship.

My Master is the man of the house. I am his slave, his servant, his bitch, his object, his pet etc. What does that mean in practice? I think I have to do many things you would expect from a housewife of the 1950s. I have to cook, do the shopping, to the cleaning, laundy etc. The man of the house would never to do that. We have clear roles. It also means I remind my Master of upcoming events, like birthdays of friends and family and I make sure that we always have nice and appropiate presents for those events. I try to make a nice home for my Master so that he can enjoy his free time and does not have to worry about stuff at home. When he have guests, vanillas or otherwise, I prepare everything, I cook and I serve the food and drinks and afterwards I clean everything. My Master as the man of the house entertains our guests and enjoys the services I provide for him and our guests. Here comes the tricky part. I actually don't value the housewife of the 1950s. I think it was wrong that women had to be in this role and to perform in it and were socially ostracized if they did not fit in those roles. Many of them had not the possibility to choose and that is horrible. But for me and my Master living now and having voluntary chosen those roles it is just perfect and I can honestly say that those roles make us both happier than another form of relationship ever could.

That may Master is the man of the house also affects our sexlife of course. We are both aware that there is only one real cock in this relationship and that is the Mastercock of my husband and that I only focus on the Mastercock of my husband. My Master has trained me to accept that my slavedick is locked away and that I don't deserve orgasms. The Master of the house has made me his bitch that is only there to please the Mastercock whenever the Master of the house demands.

Master has stated that I am not a real man, like he or his Masterfriends or even vanilla friends are and that I don't have the same rights as real men. But that does not mean that he wants me to dress female or calls me his wife. In some relationships I have read that Doms and subs define the submissive part as manwife or boiwife. I am not sure that applies to me. It might some day. But for now I am the slavehusband of my Master who is the only real man in our relationship and therefor the man of the house. And I think that is great!

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