Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Perfect "Master"-Business Trip

As you probaly already read I sometimes have to go on business trips. I had my first long haul business trip since a while and I think it was the perfect "Master" trip on my way back! But let´s start from the beginning. 

As every business trip it beginns with packing the luggage for my trip. Of course this does not bother me because it is the duty of my slave to pack the luggage! I only tell him my destination and how long I have to go there. My slave takes care of the rest! It is his duty to check the wheater there and pack appropriately. Of course my slave is allowed to ask some questions but he has to keep it to a minimum. If he forgets something he will feel the crop after my business trip.

While I am away my slave has to take care of the house chores. On a longer trip I have the expectation to come home to a tidy and cleaned up appartment. Furthermore if any packages arrived during my absence it has to be picked up from my slave. While being away I also like to give my slave some orders. Like that he has to plug himself or to write a BDSM-story which I can use for my entertaiment when flying back. I love it when my slave makes himself useful even if I am not physically present.

But back to the perfect trip and therefore I have to focus on my trip back. When I woke up that day my slave - as a very well trained slave - wrote me that he wanted to assure that I have a good trip back and that I should enjoy my trip. Therefore he asked if he was allowed to cover all catering expenses and if he was allowed to upgrade me into the first class for the train ride back. How could I refuse such a request?

So I finished work and a coworker would drive me to the airport but of course I first went to the cafeteria and grabbed some drinks for the trip to the airport. With my frequent traveller status I enjoy some privileges at the airport! No queuing for check-in and fast lane at security check and free lounge access. At the check-in I received the information that the lounge was closed. I think I really grinned in that moment. That would mean my slave would have to pay a bigger bill. So I went to a restaurant and enjoyed my time while waiting for boarding. While being there I wrote with my slave and ordered him to plug himself so that he would feel that he is serving me in that exact moment. As a well trained slave he did that.

On board of the plane the airline took care about my well being and my slave served me well. I received a well writen BDSM story, which I enjoyed during the flight and between my three course menu. 

After the flight I took the train home - of course in the first class and after coming home I used my slave intensively and toasted the reunion with a good cigar and a good rum. It was the adequate trip back for a natural Master!

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