Thursday, July 11, 2024

Follower question: What rights and privileges does the slave have?

Recently a follower asked if I as slave had any rights and privileges like: watching Netflix, laying on the couch, buying stuff, food I want, etc. He was courious cause he thought one couldn't be kinky all the time. 

I can imagine that it is hard for some people to imagine how a 24/7 BDSM life is, but it is acutally something Master and I crave and are trying to make work. Of course we are having times when things are not into that much D/s, for example on vacation, with vanillas etc. But most of the time a lot of different rules apply. To answer the questions of our follower:

No, I am not allowed to use the couch on the weekends. I am only allowed to touch the couch while I am cleaning it or serving Master. When vanillas are present I am allowed to sit on the couch, but that is a rare occasion that I do. Imaging living in a house where you are not allowed to use the couch - that is my reality. And I love it!

Yes, I am allowed to watch Netflix and other streaming services, as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties. Master and the duties always come first. So you can imagine there is not a lot of time for me to binge watch. In the evenings Master sometimes watches streaming services while I am at His feets watching too. Or I also watch when I ride public transport.

Yes, I am allowed to buy stuff and food. I have to report coffee, alcohol and sweets that I consume. Master has an insight on my financials so Sir can see if I perform huge purchases. As we are having a relationship where we communicate a lot, unless I am gagged of course;-) - I share all my thoughts on financials with Master. So I talk to Master about my financial investments. After all Sir is my Owner and my Husband, so I can't stress how much I value His opinion and listen to Him.

Yes I have rights and privileges, but they are in a rule system within our D/s relationship. The D/s relationship is always present from Monday till Sunday. 

Thanks for the question to our follower!

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Anonymous said...

That was my question being answered in the blogpost. I couldn't imagine being in a kinky mood and in the slave role all the time.

But now that I've read your answers, I've realized. Yes, it's possible but only if that's what both parties seek and they are being just themselves.

So I know now, for some people being in such relationship is a necessity and they are just being themselves. They are not in the "slave and Master" role.

What kind of slave and Master you are is a very personal experience and everyone has different needs and wants.

For me, I want to be a slave to my Master. Being a slave to him gives me joy but I also thrive when I'm showing in vanilla or traditional love, like cuddling on the couch with him, watching movies together, and doing other normal stuff. I also enjoy being at his feet. So for me, I can't be in kinky/slave mindset all the time (not yet atlest, maybe a decade later I might be just an object, we grow) but it does come naturally when it happens.

So my message to everyone is, don't try to copy someone's relationship, just be yourself. Your ideal relationship and who you really are is gonna be quite different from... Well... Everyone else's.

Thank you for answering my question and sharing your experiences.
From Love,