Friday, July 26, 2019

Vacation with a slave

It is Holiday time and of course I am going to make vacation together with my slave. But of course my slave still have his rules and duty during vacation. The vacation begins with packing the luggage for our trip. Clothes, toothbrush and of course his cuffs, collar and some other stuff like a small crop had to be packed. If everything can be put in one luggage he has to carry the lugagge. If there are two I will carry the lighter one.

When we arrive at the hotel room my slave has to strip naked and wear his slave colar and -cuffs. All the house rules applies while staying in the hotel room. After unpacking I usually order my slave to serve me.

While enjoying the city or being outside he has to pack and carry the bag. So that I can fully enjoy the the day. If we are a day at the beach he has to pack and carry the stuff. At the beach he has to bring me drinks from the bar if I am thirsty. When his duty are done and my needs are satisfied he can enjoy a book, swim ect.

He is also responsible for the organizational stuff. If I want to visit/see something. As example I would like to eat in a restaurant or go to a museum he does the research stuff (what is nearby? What fits my desire? Opening times?) and he has then to list 3-5 possibilities which I will pick from.

So you see: There are quite some benefits of having a slave on vacation.

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Anonymous said...

slave m is very lucky to be able to travel with and serve such a generous and sincere Master.

Slave M. said...

Thank you for your nice comment! I see it the very same. Slave M.