Thursday, August 4, 2022

Being allowed as a guestslave to serve Master D.

right: slave m. / left: slave a.

I was still lying in bed after a long night, knowing that there was a quite normal Saturday ahead of me. This changed when I saw that Master D. texted me. As always I got instantly excited. He asked me what my plans for the night were because he and his slave booked a spontaneous trip to my city and wanted to visit a sex club.

I only met Master and his slave once before and already had the possibility to serve with his slave so I was pretty happy that he considered me serving him again.

I really like masters and slaves way of thinking about a D/s relationship and how their bdsm lifestyle is in general. So there was no way for me that I was not meeting them at night. Then we scheduled a time to meet up in their hotel room before going to the club. 

When I left the subway I’ve been already quite nervous, but in a good way, and happy to see Master and slave again. Master picked me up and we had a little chat on the way to the hotel. When I entered the room I immediately undressed and got on my knees to greet master in the way he deserved it.
I kissed his feet and afterwards he put his slave necklace on me and collared me. I also got cuffs, so in any case, I’m ready to get used by him. When I came back form the bathroom, I already saw his slave sitting there on his knees as well, naked and caged. I guess he was stored in the closet before. It was a great view.

Master then tested me if I still knew all the slave positions which I learned from his slave the last time. For my bad, I forgot them so Master had to use his cane to spank me for my mistakes. He had to use it a several times during that night but this is a good way to learn even faster. After his the slave and I served the master wine we were allowed to lick his feet and nipples. During all this activities the slave always taught me ways how master likes it the most. I as a slave really enjoyed this way of learning from another slave.
Afterwards master put me on the bed and fixed my arms and legs to the corners. He let the slave lick my body, put clamps on my nipples and balls and used a whip on me while I was wearing a blindfold. I liked being surprised and yet scared what happened next at the same moment. 

Master also showed his playful side as he let his slave and me compete against each other in a game. He put nipple clamps with a magnet on us and hid the other ones in the room. We had to collect them on all fours. The faster one was then allowed to suck his Masterdick. He also did the same with a clamp on the balls to decide who is allowed to lick the Masterballs. I guess it was really fun for the master to watch us running quickly on our four, moving our body in weird ways so we can collect the magnets. Maybe because of this the master wanted to play the game once more. This time to set a hierarchy between the slaves. I was quite surprised because I thought that master puts me naturally at the end of this hierarchy. But I won the game and so master allowed me to use his slave for a certain amount of time. I decided he should lick my slaveballs and slavedick again as he did before then I was bound to the bed. Master then even surprised me more when he allowed me to cum. He counted down from 30 to zero. In this time I was allowed to touch my slavedick but only when making eye contact to the master. It got me so hard that master set a timeframe for this that I came pretty fast. Afterward I kissed Masters feet for being allowed to cum and use his slave.

By this time it became already pretty late so Master decided to skip the party at night. Even though I would have loved serving master in front of others it was more than a great night which I hope will me continued soon.

Blogentry from guestslave a.

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Unknown said...

I beg to ask this why is it every Dom Top wants to beat the submissive. I do not like the pain comes from middle school and what happen to me after being spanked by a PE coach. He used a paddle that was wrapped in white medical tape that left a bright red hicky type of mark in the form of an E on my leg. The next year the coach was gone and I guess some one called the school broad on him.