Thursday, September 1, 2022

How the different regimes/protocols evolved over the years

One Master on twitter recently asked how Master developed the different regimes/protocols over the years and if there where any dead ends.

I am very to answer this question, because it is an interesting topic and on the other hand I am happy to serve this Sir by answering His question.

Implementing protocols is of course different for any D/s couple. In our case it was actually a lot of trying and communicating. I would not say that there were dead ends. But probably a few things that had to be rescheduled because I wasn't ready. I was born natural submissive but still Master had to mold me, train me and to bring my inner slave more and more to the surface. For example: Master always wanted me to call him Sir. He sometimes made it a rule for days, weekend etc. at the beginning for our relationship. It might seem strange but in the beginning this was very hard for me to call my partner "Sir" and I really had troubles with it. We talked about it and Master told me He would not enforce it, He would wait for me to be ready. Don't get me wrong, He could have enforced it by ordering it and punishing it. But He waited. And the outcome was even better. Not long after that I started to call Him "Sir" on my own, because it came from my inside and it was my inner wish. In the beginning it was only sometimes, but it became more and more naturally and more often. And Master was very pleased with the development of His slave, probably more than if He would have enforced it.

Other things Master could enforce just from the beginning. For example He always wanted His slave to eat from the floor like a dog and never use cuttlery or hands. Of course it took some time for me to develope the right way to prepare all the meals, but it came easy for me from the beginning and now it feels strange sitting at a table in presence of my Master (during vacation for example) and using cuttlery. Some things we had to change because they interferred with every day life. For example: I have to perform trainigs as dog, pony, butler etc. on a regular basis. First Master wanted to set fixed dates where I would be used as pony. But then something with work, friends, stress etc. came up. So we changed it and I now have a set time limit where we have to perform those trainings, but not one specific date. 

To sum up: Master had a lot of ideas for rules and protocols. By trying and communicating about them we could implement them. Sometimes I suggest new rules and Master decides if He likes them. Which does not mean that we always stick with the same rules, circumstance might change them over the time. But that is the great thing about long therm D/s relationship, that you have the chance to evolve.

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Slave S. said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are happy and love the way your Master treats you