Thursday, September 29, 2022

Looking back on the slave summer

We are back. Ok we haven't been really gone, but we kind of stayed a little bit more quiet here during summer, because summer is full of so many activities. Now it is time to reflect on the summer months. As you surely do not want tips for places to visit, of course I will focus on the summer as Master and slave with my Master. First of all it was great! We managed to take some time off and spend time together more intensivly at home and on vacation.

I really love to go on vacation with my Master. There are so many ways to serve Him! Preparing a journey can be a burden. Searching for the right hotel, knowing good restaurants nearby, organizing transfers and scheduling sights. A slave can perform many of those tasks. And I love to perform them for my Master. For example: Searching for an apartment with a great location. But not only that, searching for an apartment where it is possible to be ridden as pony, be kept as a dog. An apartment where a slave can serve His Master in the kitchen and serve food and drinks. Or even an balcony or terrace that makes it possible to kneel in the open in front of Him. 

It is important to think about those things during trips, so that Master can receive the service He expects and deserves. I especially recall that one time we arrived at our place in another city and Master plugged me and sent me then to next market to fill up the fridge. Enjoying a slave cooked meal during the Holidays or slave served breakfast in the morning is what my Master gets, if He desires it. Furthermore Master does not want to be burdened with packing the luggage. So His slave prepares the stuff, packs them and makes sure that everything Master needs is there.

After the trip when we are back home Master usually relaxes with a drink while I as a slave unpack and do the laundry. It is also great to suprise Master with small luxuries during the trip, like a car that waits at the airport etc. Also as a slave I always try to research restaurants in the area and that Master can choose at least between two where He wants to eat. I really enjoy making the life of my Master easier this way and going on Holidays with Him as Master and slave. Of course that does not mean that we do not also enjoy things every couple does enjoy together. When visiting another place we do not only stay at our apartment or room, but do sports together, visit sights, enjoy restaurants and meet people. Sometimes we even meet people that share our ideas about BDSM. But that is probably for another post!

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