Thursday, October 6, 2022

One night slaves

When I started my path into BDSM I began to date slaves and learned a lot about my true being. I quickly realised what I wanted. Of course I had first to find out that I am a natural Master. It was clear from the beginning that I was searching BDSM and that it was not about having sex. To be honest I never had vanilla sex. Since the beginning of my sexuality BDSM was a necessairy part of my "sexuality".

More and more It became clear that I was interestet in the BDSM lifestyle - I knew really fast that I saw slaves as slaves and that I did not "played" a role. It had to be authentic - everything else did not interested me. If I saw that a slave was playing a role it turned me off. I also learned that there are a lot of different slave types out there. Some wanted to escape reality, some wanted sex, some wanted to serve...

After some experiences it was clear to me that I would not be happy with the "typical" BDSM one night dates/slaves. It is not what my main desire was and still is. As a natural Master I have the desire to dominate, train and guide slaves into BDSM and bring out - as well as deepen - their submissvness. I want to see that they make progress and learn how to serve me or other Masters properly. That their goal is to be used und trained to my desire.

Do not get me wrong of course it happens that I use one night slaves. Example when I am on a business trip and need some relaxations but also there I have my standards that I want a slave with the matching slave mindset. A slave who wants to serve because he loves to serve a Superior and feels inferior to me. That he does not "play" a role.

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Unknown said...

How do you feel about a sub/slave that does not want to be spanked whipped or paddled? What are your thoughts on that?