Thursday, October 27, 2022

When Master uses other slaves

Master recently has reflected on open relationships and BDSM and that He controls my sexuality and whom I meet and that He is free on wheter meeting other subs or not. 

I thought I might reflect a little bit on how it is for me that Master uses other subs. First of all I know it is a difficult topic in many BDSM and vanilla relationships. Meeting other people for sex or BDSM can be difficult if there is a lack of communication that can make things complicated. But I also have seen it working great for many people, so every couple has to find it's own way. 

You might be suprised that I am totally fine when Master uses other slaves and subs. I fact I wish He would get the chance to use other subs more often than He actually does. Is it always easy for me? No of course not. I want the best for my Master and sometimes I see that there are younger, hotter subs out there and I think maybe they could provide Him better service than I can. If those feelings arouse I talk openly about that with my Master - communication is very important for us. 

So why am I totally fine with Him using other subs and slaves? In my opinion He is the best natural dominant Master that I know. Of course you could say I am biased but that is how I feel. So on the one hand I would wish many more submissives to get the chance to serve this great Superior Man and to be trained by Him. On the other hand I think Master deserves to be served by submissive males in every way possible. Master has been owning and training me for 10 years. So of course He trained me to fit His needs and desires. But of course I know that there are subs out there that are better in certain things than me. For example there are subs out there who are greater cooks, or they can handle bigger dildos or they can take more pain that I can. So when Master wants to have a real pain pig I know that I am not the right one for that and I wish for Him to find a sub that can take the pain, when He wants to inflict more than He does on me. 

Also most of the times I really enjoyed serving together with other subs. It is great being two submissives licking the boots of the Master, the Mastercock etc. Or one sub focusing on cooking, while the other one is serving in a sexual way. Those are great and really hot combinations.

So why doesn't Master meet other subs more often? There are two reasons for that I think. Master is concerned with privacy and has high standards. So He does not meet with dozens people and sees how it goes. He only lets submissives serve Him after longer chats, talks etc., when there is a certain level of trust and understanding. And He also has high standards. Submissives that just want to be fucked are there out a lot, but that is not what Master is looking for. He is looking for natural submissives that want to serve and that can put their own desires aside. And I wish for Him to find those submissives.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same. My Master doesn’t use other slaves, at least not yet, and of course I am jealous of Him. But if He uses some other slave I’ll be glad, because the Master deserves everything he wants. We, slaves, should be more friendly to other ones, so that our Masters make them happier, show the purpose of life, as they do with us. Right?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely you are right. The value of a slave is to make his master happy, if using another slave could makes him happy, we slaves don’t have a say about this situation.