Thursday, November 3, 2022

"Entertaiment" vs. punishment

One of the most important topics in every relationship is open communication. Also in a D/s relationship it is important to communicate. Sometimes it is crutial that the slaves understands why something is happening. A good example of this is the topic "Entertaiment" vs. punishment.

Sometimes I want to use my slave for my entertainment or for the entertainment of my Master colleages. So I normaly tie my slave in a way up where his entire slave body is accessable. Playing with the slave nipples, squeezing the slave balls, hitting the slave with the riding crop. Showing him his position as a slave and object by using him as a "toy" for real men. Letting him suffer for my amusement. 

Here comes the important part! Everytime before I start I make it clear what happens. Is it "entertainment" or is it punishment for something. Of course this information can be told subtle. "Now I am up for some fun" or when having a Master colleague over it can be that I or the guest Master says something like "let's have some fun with the slave" but it is important that the slave knows what the situation is because this makes a huge psychological difference in the slaves mind! As well as in my mindset.

When using him for entertainment it is clear that the slave has done everything right. That he has done no mistake - nothing wrong. He behaved well and followed all rules and structure given. He did not let his Master down or needed any kind of correction measures. It is about entertainment. The slave task is now to surrender and present his slave body for the amusement of the Superior(s). The circumstances and the "vibes" are positive. He has to endure for the pleasure of real men.

Punishment on the other hand means the slave has done something wrong. Did some kind of mistake which leads to the punished. In that case the slave does not surrender his slavebody for the amusement of the Master. The vibe is not "having fun" - the vibe in this moment is: "You have to learn and get better". It is a correction measure and therefore he is facing the consequences of not complaing to the rules and structures or being unfocused. This is absolutely another vibe. When punishing my slave I enjoy it in a different way. In a training way. I like to train and mold my slave and I find joy in it. Therefore I enjoy molding him with correctional measure but my pleasure/entertainment is not part of this or at least not an important part. It is also another vibe for me.

As you see it is important to inform a natural slave what is happening so that he knows what kind of situation he is facing. A natural slave will have other feelings and thoughts when it is about entertainment then when he has done something wrong and gets punished.

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Unknown said...

I have a host of questions. A fact that I am 69 and diabetic I have what is known as ED. I cab only show some type if erection with a cock strap or a cock ring. So do you want your slave to have an erection while serving you or during play? In my last service to a Dominant I was kept nude and served willingly naked. Even when someone stopped by I stayed in character. Play time is only up to the Dom.