Thursday, November 10, 2022

Serving two Leathermasters

Recently I was part of an evening that came right out of a porn movie. Master invited another Leatermaster and I was allowed to serve them both.

Master had planned this evening and He usually only gives me short notice that another Master or slave is coming. So I knew someone was coming but I did not knew if I would serve two Doms or if Master would have two submissives serving Him. When the evening came Master had me put on my gimp mask and turned me into a Human table where the Doms could put down their drinks.

As soon as the other guest arrived I recognized the other Dom because I was allowed to serve this Man once before. He is a true Leatermaster and a real Sir. Dressed in full leather, wearing boots and having the aura of a natural Sir. So first the Masters both played with my slavenipples and when Master released me out of my human table position and told me to great the other Master, I immediatly started to lick the boots of the Master to great Him as a superior Man, to show Him how welcome He was. 

The evening was great. The other Leathermaster knows that I am natural slave and that Master keeps me as His slave 24/7. So He also used me and treated me accordingly. Both Master where wearing leather from head to toe and looked SO HOT! It was my role to be a silent servant in the appearance of those to real Men. To serve them drinks, attending to their needs but also waiting silently until being adressed or being used. I loved it when I was allowed to lick their boots while they where chatting and drinking. But it got even hotter. I was tied to the ceiling and both Masters played with my slavebody. Used my nipples, plugged me and also spanked me for their pleasure. One could sense the natural dominance of both of them. After that they both relaxed on the couch and I served both their superior Mastercocks. It is very rare that Master allows another Master to use me in any sexual way and it shows a level of trust that only few reach. So I did my best to please this Master as good as possible. While I served their Mastercocks I pured them rum and offered them cigars. So both Master where sitting their, enjoying their drinks, smoking cigars and having me serving their Mastercocks. One of the hottest evenings I have experienced in a long time. Both even used me as human ashtray. I loved it the Guestmaster knew how to use a human ashtray, it takes some experience for that. Master seemed very pleased. It is rare to meet real and natural Masters. He was pleased that He could show this other Master His trained object. The best thing was that I made Master proud because I served the other Master to his liking and it showed that Master had trained me to serve Superiors appropiatly.

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