Thursday, November 24, 2022

The ideal flat for a D/s relationship

Master and I have already been living together for 10 years. That is quite some time to see how D/s fits into everyday life. Furthermore we have met some other people who are kind of living the D/s life and seen their flats and houses. So I thought on sharing some thoughts about how the ideal flat/house for the BDSM-lifestyle or a D/s relationship looks like and what to look for if your looking for a place where you want to live with your Master or slave.

How viewable is the place?

You are probably going to keep your slave naked and have some adjusments in your place. So make sure to check what neighbours and people from the street might see or if you have to keep the blinds down all day. Same goes for balconys, gardens etc. Or perhaps you are lucky and live in a neighbourhood where it is normal that your slave licks your boots while you are on the terrace. 

How anonymous is the place?

Do you prefer to live at a place where you know everybody, they know every guest that comes to your place and people are invited to drop by every day on a regular basis? Or do you prefer a neighbourhood where you live anonymous and people do not drop by unannouncend?

How close is the kitchen to the Master bedroom?

After a night with guests you might be tired and head to bed. Your slave might still have to work in the kitchen. Same goes for the morning. You might want to sleep in but your slave has to perform chores in the kitchen and to prepare your breakfast. Make sure the kitchen is far away from the Master bedroom so the sound of your slave working does not disturb your sleep.

How easily can the place be heated?

You are probably going to keep your slave naked all year round. So have a close look on how much you have to heat the place in winter.

Are there "hidden rooms", is there space under the stairs etc.?

Hidden rooms, space under the stairs, a cellar or an attic make great playrooms, cages for your slave or just places where you want to put the kinky stuff when vanillas are visiting. 

What other things do you think are important when looking for a place to live as Master and slave?

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